‘flavor Body’ Part 2 Episode 17 (episode 88): Long Responds To Ms. Xuan, Finding Every Way To Resume Love

Long finds ways to resume ancient love with men but still face the cold of the old lover in the love of part 2 episode 17 (episode 88) 0: 00/1: 34 nammong in "Love taste" Part 2 Episode 16 (Episode 87), Because of the Dung, Diep Xieu is the job, making the baby crab accidentally in distress. Because of this accident, Ms. Bich and Diep, Nam had to go to the baby's house to apologize, accidentally met Long again.Nam accidentally met Long at the baby's house before the sadness of the South, half a half joke "when he cared Go to a person who knows ". In fact, Baby's parents are Long's business partner

. Today they have a drink, so Long happened to know.Long repeated many old things that makes it uncomfortable male to find a way to Long - South to go together. On the way home, Long repeated many old things that made male uncomfortable
Halfway, she stopped, let Long go home. Before returning, men did not forget to remind Long not to repeat the old stories, because she didn't remember anything. The attitude of the South, especially when she hitted it with Long "used to that each of them, each of them was stuck, not crazy," made him to ask if the male is jealous? Long caught the car home in another development, Ms. Xuan still showed unhappy attitude to the South. When he knew Long had just accompanied the south before returning home, Ms. Xuan was annoyed, "said that Russia was not enough, but also hit it." Ms. Xuan was angry that the fact that Long ended with Swans was to move forward, not jerking, turning back to the South. Other with the previous times, Long this time showed determined attitude to his mother. He responded: "I was over 30 years old, deciding on my future
Don't contact Nam and don't do anything into her." "Part 2 episode 17 (Episode 88) Broadcast at 21 o'clock on August 19 on Wave VTV1

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