‘flavor Body’ Part 2 Episode 34 (episode 105): Ms. Xuan Thought Of Dancing Suicide

After the events of Ms. Xuan panic and intended to jump suicide bridges in the faithful flavor part 2 episode 340: 00/1: 14 namsau residents, Ms. Xuan panic and did not intend at home with her husband child. Mr. Khang said Ms

. Xuan called his mother to want to go back to it but was not interested in I.00: 00/01: 09BA spring thought to dance to suicide when people are planning to find Ms. Xuan, Help Holding the telephone panic running out to Mr
Khang's family See the image of the direct shot of Ms. Xuan sitting on the bridge with a share: "This woman has been a long-standing, unusual expression. I I want to be close again but afraid she does the dose everyone please share it to anyone who will go to the new bridge right away ". It turns out because of her thoughts, Ms. Xuan wants to commit suicide. The help of holding the phone panicked in announcing Ms. Xuan is intending to jump the events, Ms. Xuan panic and does not intend at home with her husband and another , Baptism wife didn't care about the family. "I treat everyone very well. I do everything all
But I don't see it, do you make the responsibility? I don't feel it is the feelings of a child Family for his relatives ". His blaming his wife did not care about the family that was even reminded by Mr. Khang, hearing these words, Thy instantly, harsh reactions. "I think about me like that ever since when my sister-in-law entered this house, right?" Yen Anh

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