Flavor: Criticize The Words, Viet Anh Again ‘turn Face Faster Than Flip Rice Paper’

In the love taste part 2 episode 33, Ms. Xuan (NS Quách Thu Phuong) makes the whole family disturbed by his mistake, Mr. Khang (NSS Trinh Mai Nguyen) almost crazy with his wife.0: 00/3 : 56 Southern regional affairs Part 2 Episode 33 is a mess because people have continuously hormonal difficulties without receiving support from Ms. Xuan's charity fund (NS Quach Thu Phuong)

. Even a baby almost died of houses waiting for Ms. Xuan's money to be taken to the surgery hospital. Before the losses of charitable money, Ms
Xuan Hoang was trying to contact Ba Nguyet (NS Hoang Yen ) And "pilots" Hung to clear the incident but cannot be contacted. Ms. Xuan alone ran to the house of a baby who was seriously ill to confirm whether the charity reached the baby's hand or not. The people there insisted that Ms. Xuan had been blocking money, so rushed into hitting Luckily, Nam (Phuong Oanh) ran to see the situation, it was successful to save her mother-in-law. Then, male suggested with her husband's house to spend money for surgery and treatment. Mr. Khang also for Huy (Hoang Anh Vu) and Thy (Thu Quynh) to contact those who have not received other support to resolve the situation. Besides, the couple shouted Ms. Xuan to the bank to take a statement to report to the police to get Ms
Nguyet and Hung fraud from charity money. When the incident was fine, Long (strong school) and men together Press interviews, solving all the whole groves. The promise of his family will publicly publicize the amount of money strongly supported and will be handed to those who need help with the original promise of the Fund. Spring for me. Male revealed that the baby was surgically and recovered, journalists and reporters could go to the Institute for inspection. By his ingenuity, Long and South helped Ms. Xuan escape the accusation Eat charity, confirming that she was just a victim. And now, Ms. Xuan's charity will continue to be implemented so that it does not affect the company's reputation, family and do not disappoint people. Thinking everything has solved smoothly, in Preview Flavor part 2 episode 34, the whole family he looked back at the fire when she could not find Ms. Xuan. By contacting the mother to go to foreign residences, Ms. Xuan left wandered and sat on the bridge to commit suicide. Mr. Khang's family knew that the Livestream family sought the house to prevent Ba Xuan. As soon as she knew Ba Xuan thought, Mr. Khang was the first to run away to save. When the latest details of the flow of body flow, Vietnamese actors unexpectedly raised Mr. Khang: "I saw him Managing anyone in this house, from top to bottom. Feeling him like an invisible person. "Criticize all over the country, Viet Anh suddenly" turned face faster than flip the rice paper ":" That's me Hearing the audience say that, I don't know anything. "Viet Anh criticized him but" turned the car "last second. However, Viet Anh's comment is not no reason. Because Mr. Khang is the family's core but the most in the afternoon of his mother's heart. If his wife, son and daughter-in-law did not satisfy her gradually (NSND Nhu Quynh), he did not. As I can't manage my mother but Mr. Khang also cannot manage his wife and children. Throughly catch Ms. Xuan must be in the afternoon of mother, not to do anything affecting the family, not attitudes with men ... but As a result, Ms. Xuan not only hated men but also to go to the beauty, opening a charity and was fooled to make the whole family miserable. He opposed to the South but eventually followed. He wanted to work on the company to work, passing away from cooking but was not successful. With two brides, Thy often hears her father-in-law more. But in the investigation of Charity of Ms. Xuan even thanks to her father's special father, Thy still didn't do it. She was still planning to invest in my brother's money to build a private empire. Tong Khang and South came now yet there is no conflict but the South is the person who has an official so he cannot catch this bride At your disposal. In another situation, netizens pay special attention to the scenes of Ms. Xuan to be beaten by the crowd. Actor Quach Thu Phuong met the occupational accident: a massive actor who fought her bruised forehead. After pausing the film, the delegation staff tried to check the wound to the actress. Netizens joked that this massive actor too hated Ms. Xuan so she could not control it slightly strongly. The masses accidentally made the artist Quach Thu Phuong deep in the forehead. The next episodes are broadcast at 21:00 from Monday to Friday on VTV1 channel. Chau

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