‘flavor “episode 105, Ms. Xuan Dinh Jumps To Commit Suicide, But Because Of Her Husband Compared To Men

Too disappointed and humiliated, Ms. Xuan left the house and was going to jump to commit suicide in the 'Flavor "episode 105.0: 00/1: 11 nam 00:00: 00/01: 09Trong love fertilization 105 to dark waves September 14, Ms. Xuan (Quach Thu Phuong) carrying off the house and plans to dance to commit suicide because he was too humiliated after a charity. When the whole family is disturbing and going to find, Ginseng (Minh Cuc) see the Livestream of a network member of Ms

. Xuan is going to commit suicide. Seeing that, Mr. Khang (Mai Nguyen) hurriedly ran to his wife
It saw men all over her husband's house, especially with Ba Xuan, Huy (Anh Vu) even more unhappy with Thi (Thu Quynh). "I treat everyone very reasonable, I do everything. But I don't see me just round the responsibility? You don't feel the feelings of a child, the grandson Family for his relatives, "said Huy told his wife. Exports the eyes and asked her husband again: "When you think about me like that from me? Is it since my bride sister step into this house?" ? How will Huy answer tests? Details of fertilizing body practice 105 to vtv1 waves at 21pm tonight, 14 / 9.Vy Uyen

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