‘flavor “episode 62: Long Asked Men To Sleep Again

Taking men go home, Long asked Nam to go out with her and slept back into his house. Especially Long also revealed: 'You have a habit of sleeping without locking the door'. It was the developments in the 'Flavor "of Episode 62.0: 00/2: 02 South" Flavor ". Episode 61 Male to remember the beach about Ms

. Bich for 1 cotton candy and leave her stay Market, then go to the scene that remembers the moment of hiding her mother. At this point Mr. Tuan confided to his child: "Dad have a friend who lost her child, but she also traced her age
Surely he found a child because he loved his daughter like her lovely father, what she wanted most was that he was soon found ". Then later, Nam went to the previous neighbor to ask about The fact that she knew Mr. Tuan used to go to the camp to visit anyone. Then the south came to the camp to ask the staff who looked at the camp to see if her father used to visit his offenders. But the results were not possible when she didn't know how prisoners of his name was. This work of the South was admitted by him to follow along. The lovely men of men for Long made him imitate to go home, ignoring all the babble about the love of Ms. Bich, the south continues to ask Mother returned to his father who looked at the prison. Ms. Bich only knew it was a society, who was no information
Lac with him when it's done. At the side of Long Long, Ms. Xuan tried to find out if the son's trip also came with, every suspicion she stuck for men. In addition, Thy also completed his brother to bring his son to be assistant for Long. Although when proposed Long did not really agree but because he heard Mr. Khang, reluctantly agreed and did not have a unhappy attitude, lack of trust Thy. Unexpectedly kissing at the NamPreview gate " The "Episode 62 has revealed after the male and Long business on the company is still happy, there are many lovely actions. Nam bought for Long Tea Milk, and Long was memorized and imitated male dirty actions. These actions of the young couple were pink - the company staff caught. Besides, Long gave Nam to go home and asked her to go out with her and sleep again. In particular, Long also revealed: "You have a habit of sleeping without locking the door". "Flavor" Episode 62 will broadcast at 21 hours on VTV1 channel on 14 / 7.lan Ngoc

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