‘flavor “episode 68: Ms. Bich Revenge Ba Sa With Shrimp Sauce

In episode 68 'FRESSION', angry because she was denied by Mrs. Sa Sa, resulting in loss, Ms. Bich sought to spa to threaten, throw dirty irres in: 00/2: 55 male 67 Movies "Taste Love", Ms. Bich finds her gradually to clear about not taking the golden ring. Ms

. Bich led his work once to forget the golden ring in the refrigerator but had returned. Just crying Ms. Bich and poor coal, suffering
However, she gradually didn't ignore: "I love you so I will receive it to do it". Seeing her not sympathy, Ms. Bich was angry with attitude, the words lacked to the landlord. On the way out of the house, Ms. Bich continued his words, the language with Ms. Xuan. Ms. Xuan saw that blaming her mother for letting Mrs. Bich into the house. She gradually was accepted by my daughter-in-law
"I'm old, have eyes and blindness, useless. I will lie in an area, don't interfere with your friends. But, I hope you don't consider me like an excess person in this house, Ms. Xuan, "- Grandma gradually said. In other movements, after being long for watching the clips of Mrs. Bich stealing the clothes, the male returns home . When he knew that men were suspicious of him, Ms. Bich said that he didn't stolen so it was not ashamed. In response to the mother, men talked straight: "Ms can not take the golden ring, but do you take things else?". I saw my child saying no base, Ms. Bich cried, lamented: "You think it is I want to bring excess rice, sourcing it very much. For new poverty, with both I don't take them, then charge. " Anger because she lied, male flipped after her back: "Mom not only took over excess rice, she took her belongings and tonic." Still denied around, Ms. Bich asked for evidence. Impotence and disappointing about Mom, South said: "Do you know when I see the image in the camera, what is the shame?". The end of the episode, Long's friends went to invite Nam to do for the company I knew two people just broke up. Before that enthusiasm, Nam only asked: "Is Mr. Long thanks you right?" Returning home while drunk, South met Long and poured anger, thinking all the worries of lovers for themselves is just to want her to appear. However, at the end of the episode, the South still decided to break up with Long. Bich Bich Throwing shrimp to revenge on Ba Sa. Photo: VTV.In episode 68 "FRESSIONS" film, Ms. Bich for getting angry after being denied by Mrs. Sa, causing himself to be expelled to the store to take revenge. When Ms. Sa was just off the store from the store, Ms. Bich rushed, taking in the pocket of shrimp fish sauce to throw continuously into Ba Sa and guests. When she poured all the dirt, she was prepared, Ms. Bich also loudly threatened: "Not all, ever came to my house, kneeling and asking me to spare". Go home after threatening Ba Sa with dirt, Ms. Bich was calm and began to be afraid. Seeing her mother sitting in the bed, hugging the package, Nam asked if she was tired or not? Ms. Bich did not say no that only shook his head and trembling. Thought was sick, men went cooking porridge for his mother. At this moment, Diep from the house was running up to call Mother to sound. Seeing that, Nam turned to ask me what specialized. Diep tried to hide the male but finally had to take a summoned Ms. Bich to the police to work. The film "Flavor" film will broadcast at 21:00 on July 22 on VTV1.Minh channel An

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