‘flavor “episode 88, Male Cries Acknowledged Still Love Long

Although continuing to continuously long, men and women have to admit still feelings with him in the 'Flavor Fellowship' episode 88.0: 00/0: 57 nam 0000: 00/01: 10Inthore love 88 on dark waves Now, Long (strong school) re-appointed Nam (Phuong Oanh) and asked her straight: "I still love you, right?" Male cries says: "What about it? A relationship that knows in advance is that there is no result, it is best not to start again." Nam Dinh left, Long pulled her and for lovers hugging tightly. In that moment, men unexpectedly discovered that Ms. Bich (Tu Oanh) had a save book of up to 500 million dong

. Nam asked: "Where did you get this money?" Ton (Ho Phong) decided on the Institute to understand the information about the 'dog' (Anh Tuan) and surprised when he was working on war Mr. Sinh (Vo Hoai Nam) .Nam and Long will love from the beginning? What will tons do with him born and 'dog' battle? Ms
Bich explained how about the savings book? Details of fertilizing body practice 88 waves VTV1 at 21:00 tonight, 19 / 8.Vy Uyen

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