‘flavor “episode 94: Male Told Long Knows I Am An Orphan

In episode 94 (Part 2, Episode 23) The movie 'Taste Love ", South has returned home to reunite with her mother and em. At the same time, she also knows the truth about his situation.0: 00/1: 47 NAMNAM region tells Long about his family situation. Photo: VTV.Trong Review Episode 94 (Part 2, Episode 23) The movie "Flavor" is reported to the information, Mr

. Khang talked frankly with his wife about his thoughts after the things she gradually said, React to the family member. Mr. Khang shared: "If I feel it, try to open my heart so everyone is comfortable, happy
If, I don't need anyone, this house will not need anyone to". In some other circumstances, Nam returned home to stay with his mother and em. At the same time, she also said that she knew she was an orphan. Before, Leodong.vn said, in episode 93 "FRESSIONS", Ms. Xuan continued to have ridiculous and speaking actions Lack of thoughts. It seems that the whole family is exchanging about the marriage of Long and the grandmother who gradually supports him to the South. Leading with the type of excessive reaction always makes the audience inhibit, Ms. Xuan almost screamed with her mother-in-law: "Why did the long wife have to follow Mother's will? All this person came to the other". Then she spoke in a cheerful voice but actually "pouring the evil" for her mother in her husband: "Mom, I want my mother
I want my mother to let your son live". In the "episode" 93, Ms. Xuan was slapped straight by her husband. Photo: CMH. Come here, Mr. Khang did not hide the calm and for his wife. His actions also made Long not removed from panic. Nam and Long continue to have some misunderstanding, making the relationship of the two people having problems. "I don't need to be pitiful," he said. "He said truthfully, he didn't want me to think he came to me just for her. Code thinks of thinking again, it's like a kind of family? You don't want to like that, "Long replied. Male Sad said: "It is true that there are things that say it is not easy but saying it would probably be better." Ha Ha (General)

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