‘flavor Friendship’ Episode 59: Long For The First Time Confessing Him With Men, Serious Love

In the 'Love Flavor' episode 59, Long told Male a verdictful sentence: 'Prove to you, in my eyes I'm nothing to go'.Video: Some important scenes in "Love Taste Body "Episode 59 / In episode 58 Flavor, Ms. Xuan (Quách Thu Phuong) was finally impacted by Mrs. Sa (Thu Hanh), moving to suspect Nam's saving engine. Therefore, she was uncomfortable to see the big son eating the male house after taking her from the hospital back

. And then when talking to Long, she continued to hinder two relatives. Really long (strong school) was close to Nam (Phuong Oanh) but also closer to her family. It is very hated to eat guests, especially when the conditions are not necessarily but Long accepted when Ms
Bich (Tu Oanh) invited to stay for dining, courtesy to suffer from being tugged with a bowl of rice, pouring food , Chan soup and scoop up in the whole of the coffee (Thu Quynh), she increasingly clearly is an ambitious person, not easy to be satisfied with a small family happy, big family dress Warms love each other and most husbands are all over them. Feeling his ambition to be threatened when her father-in-law is about to empower the company for Long, Thy begins to plan actions by knowing that it is impossible to expect their husbands to compete. Thy told Ba Sa (Thu Hanh) to quickly bring Dung, her younger brother, into the assistant for Long as she quit, to help grasp the situation to easily enactivity. She said she had a book and asked both her mother and her absolutely heard followed by Minh's arrangement. This time, Ms. Sa agreed with his daughter. In the "Flavor" episode 59.Trailer TRANSFUL TRANSFER 59 The production of the production has just revealed, the affection between Nam and Long quickly There are large changes in substances. Faced with men who are in full, sad, and long have no a voice to offer, on the muscle like usual and sincerely: "Don't have to see her or so I try to be happy. "Long Leaning down and kissing the male but she dodged, the quiet looks different from the happy happy girl
Seeing concerns and thinking in her eyes, Long Bao: "I used to tell you, I hate the decentralization in affection. So please show me, in my eyes nothing to ".Nam dodge the kiss of Long in the" Flavor "59 episode to kiss many times and confide each other, this seems to be For the first time, Long proclaimed Mr. -em with the South and showed her feelings seriously, respecting so. Trailer Temple of Relationship Episode 59 There was a very lovely scene about his concerns (NS Vo Hoai Nam) - The worry of every father has a daughter who is entering love. Calling to visit Nam when she went on business, he was surprised to hear his voice long on the phone, and immediately asked if he didn't, in addition to the delegation and anyone else. My voice. When I know only Long and South, he panicked: "Why? Why do you go to work with it? You are a daughter, why do you lose the vigilance? ". His clear active voice made male stunned:" What's wrong? ". He was worried about the South when she knew her on business With Long.Nam is angry with him because of that "teaching"? What makes men unusually to the extent that Long must be seriously confessed? Follow the detailed movements in the taste of body practice 59, broadcast at 21:00 on 9/7 on VTV1.

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