‘flavor Friendship’ Part 2: Revealing Thy Abdominal Photos Overcast

The behind-the-scenes photo was filmed 'Flavor "shared shared that Thy's character was two years after 3 years of being shaken. In this backstage photo, Thy (Thu Quynh) takes photos with these Relatives in the family. In it, she wore a white long dress, revealing a rather large pregnant belly.Thy revealed the belly in Part 2 of the "Love Flavor". In Part 1 of the Feeling Taste, Thy is pregnant and it's Ly Because her wedding and Huy was rapidly held, even if he was originally supported

. However, to Part 2, Thy - Huy still lived his husband's husband and wife, the child in her stomach unfortunately, was swept away. She was always busy with the schedule, met partners and spent a lot of time at the company at home. She also did not pay much attention to her husband's feelings (Anh Vu)
This makes the happiness of Thy - Huy families be threatened, especially when the restaurant of Huy has a lovely, cute and very idolly of him. You will be about to be a rope tightening the feelings of Thy and Huy, rescuing the marriage beginning to show signs of their rift.Video: excerpts in the movie "Taste Love 2" Hoang Anh

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