Flavor Love Part 2 Episode 34: Ms. Xuan Jump Bridge Su Tu?

Review Flavor Part 2 Episode 2 Episode 34 (Episode 105) Revealed that Ms. Xuan Dinh jumped suicide of suicide after noise, the relationship of Thy - Huy tension.0: 00/2: 44 nam Southern spring do not dare Looking at the family Famileview Flavor Love Part 2 Episode 34 (Episode 105) Opening is the scene of Mr. Khang (Trinh Mai Nguyen) told the children that Ms. Xuan (Quach Thu Phuong) Calling his mother in foreign countries want to go In addition, the old lady refused

. The family of the royal family kneaded when she saw Ms. Xuan Dinh jumped to suicide "Mother has this intention, it has not been right away,", Huy (Mr. Vu) judges
Thy (Thu Quynh) panicked in her husband and she was too heartless. Nam (Phuong Oanh) told her couple and her husband to find Ms. Xuan.Then times when the house unknown Where to find Ms. Xuan, ginseng (Minh Cuc) helps to work in the kitchen to panic. Ms. Xuan is being returned by the people to sit and squeeze on the bridge, next to the suitcase. The person who went back to the clips to call the house to go to the bridge right away to promptly recommend the can. Spring no longer the face to look at the family after noise, in a clip leaked, male was the first dose I jumped down to save Ms. Xuan, accompanied by a call "Mom"
Shortly then, the three men were rushed down to pull Ms. Xuan out of the edge of the death. Will Nam save their mother-in-law and make Mrs. Xuan a different view of themselves after the recent things? Backstage images are shared in the flavor of part 2 episode 33 (Episode 104), Ms. Xuan after being sentten Charity fraud called Hung - the young man of Nguyet - but he turned off. On the place of finding out, Ms. Xuan knew that the two boys were supported by Ms. Xuan to support the surgery, but Nguyet caught money hide. Ms. Xuan was killed by everyone. At that moment, Nam (Phuong Oanh) appeared and took a blow instead of his husband and Long's mother and Long (strong school) also took him to the hospital in time. Long on behalf of the family Troubleshooting Ms. Xuan was taken over by the bad guys with reporters. Thyreview's true human thyreview Flavor part 2 episode 34 (Episode 105) revealed the stressful scene with Thy . "I treated everyone very reasonable, I did everything all. But don't I see that I'm just making the responsibility round? I can't feel it is an affection of a child, the grandchildren's grandchildren for his relatives ".huy said Thy wasn't honest with everyone in his family. Not the first time to remind his wife The degree of this fake part. Did I since my sister stepped into this house right away. "End the review of the feet of part 2 episode 34 (Episode 105), Thy continues to show jealousy, envy with men when only two people . She also asked for men and now she was very happy because she scored with her parents. Male only used soft ways to respond, saying that the whole family loves themselves, now only waiting for Thy.Bach Duong

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