‘flavor Of Friendship’ Episode 64, Mother Long Opposes Severely Son Loving Male

After quietly investigated and had evidence of Long Yeu Nam, Ms. Xuan immediately act fiercely in the 'Flavor Flavor' episode 64.0: 00/1: 18 nam 00:00: 00/01: 09 Enter 63 The false taste ended with Ms. Xuan (Guo Thu Phuong) to call Long (strong school) asking home immediately to talk. It turned out that she silently investigated and had in hand proof son in love with Nam (Phuong Oanh) as expected

. In the taste of friendship episode 64 tonight, Ms. Xuan summoned the whole family and launched British shoots and men, asking his son to explain. Long calmly acknowledged: "Yes we are dating each other
" Then Ms. Xuan made an appointment to meet men. "If you don't actively pursue the Long He will never keep your eyes away. Because there are so many girls of Tram Anh Dinh Phiet that you introduced it still swallowing." Nam asked again: "You mean I don't worry about Mr. Long?". Ms. Xuan was not afraid to replied: "Of course, it's like that". In the meantime, Ba Sa (Thu Hanh) was at Mrs. DANG (NSND Thu Quynh) to say badly, but the purpose is to reduce the male sister
"It actively tricked a brave guy, but also tricked over her muscle network," Ms. Sa said. Ms.Lieu will gradually believe Ms. Sa? Have your father and granny supporting Long love male? How will Nam answer Ms. Xuan? Details of friendship taste 64 will air vtv1 21h tonight, 16 / 7.Vy Uyen

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