‘flavor Of Friendship’ Episode 85, She Gradually Appeals To Long Quick Male

She gradually scolded her slowly in conquering the South, even if she got a way for me to get both buffaloes and nghés in the 'Love Taste' Episode 85.0: 00/1: 41 NAMTURAMESTAYSENDANCE Taste 85 , Ms. gradually (NSND Nhu Quynh) asked a long (strong school) to quit the conquest of Nam (Phuong Oanh) ?, Long replied with more time and south because she hadn't forgotten the bumps with his family. "It's worried about you, she doesn't want to meet you," she said sadly. Then she gradually said to Long: "I don't listen to the teachers? Merry your wife must marry

. I do business The business is so fast that in this way I'm so slow? At the same time, do it as a huy with the exam, marrying both buffaloes and nghé. "Also in this episode, Diep (Bich Ngoc) admitted to her Though she tried to try it, it has never forgotten Dung (Sy Hung). Nam immediately put advice for sisters: "That's because I haven't opened my heart
Now I just love others who will forget the old man right away. Really!". Diep asked again to make the male hard throat: "Sister Do you do it like you said? Or do you still love you long? Do you still love you long? So 3 years, you have anyone else, "Ms. Sa (Thu Hanh) argues with Mr. Tan (Ho Phong) About marriage and children. "I didn't make him keep the promise, life changed, who was different, not only because of a promise that gave up the rest of his life. He is now wealthy, conditional, has a list, at Why don't you married? Age of you can give birth, one or 10 children can also. Why is it to be a Dung ". Tang Tan will answer Ms. Sa? Does Nam have acknowledged with Demon Still Love Long? Can Long listen to her grandmother? Details of fertilizing relaxation 85 will air vtv1 at 21pm tomorrow, 16 / 8
Vy Uyen

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