‘flavor “part 2 Episode 19 (episode 90): Nam – Long Resumes Love For The Past?

Taste friendship episode 18 part 2 witnessed Nam Long hugged after visiting. Though still emotional and unforgettable Long, but open your heart to him, South afraid will step into footsteps. Materials at Flavor friendship part 2 episode 19, Male - Long resumption old love? 0: 00/1: 52Nu domain Namo "Taste friendship" part 2 episode 18, Male confide in Africa she has not forgotten Long, but she was afraid to open it. Men used to believe love brings justice, but when asked Long, she received lessons on the same level, the only new love male full ven.Long begged him to add a board hoian South, Africa or he felt affection for her Long

. "Away from me, Long to receive true love. He did not want his sister leaving happy anymore" - her words noi.Nghe African Tiger, Long persevered chasing South, including ready to emerse in the rain
Though South has asked Long if doing this because of guilt or fault, then please stop, do not torment each other more. However Nam Long still apply for extra time to prove his love of what Long did But to enable South vibrations caused. Home after rains, South fever. Not sleep, remember Long, Nam remember the conversation with Mr. Khang, when he apologized on behalf of her family. Old has passed away, but he still owed Nam Khang an apology. She also wants Tiger Male ignore the past, when she was unjustly she did not do anything for co.Long brought porridge to South, made her flutter saying sweet words "time for you is boundless "Battle of the South was sick excuse to Ms. Bich continued" push boat "for his adopted daughter. Long a chance to go to the South, Ms
Bich smart mouth, "I was in heaven with the South. But it was se coast, go halfway around the world still get back together." Bring soup to the South, South flutter Long as saying sweet words "time for you is boundless." This character also makes the audience favorite "Taste the spirit of" inspiration for Man a tight hug. "Do not forget he is right? Do not lie to yourself anymore. Both of us together do not lie to get, let's give him a chance." "Taste friendship" part 2 episode 19 (episode 90) broadcast VTV1 at 21 He 23-8.Yen hour day

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