‘flavor “part 2 Episode 29 (episode 100): Male Cries Because Of His Father Of His Father And Guarded

Thy - Huy Relationship seems to be far away when Thy comes to the police station to guarantee her husband because of fighting to protect female employees. Meanwhile, the male cries because of being happy when she is husband and father-in-law in love, protecting in a love flavor Part 2 Episode 2 episode 290:00 / 1: 25 Southern men to protect the staff of restaurants and fight Both Duong and Huy have to go to the police station. Thy must go to the guarantee for her husband and very angry.00: 00/01: 27thy to the police station to guarantee for her husband "Midnight you took a car to rush out of the house so your wife must go to the guarantee police, only Because he fought to protect his girl, what did he want to say to me. " It was scolded by her wife, Duong tried to accept the error towards me, Thy also turned to face positive

. "It's not her turn to say. She doesn't need to explain and abandon the pitiful face." Overseas, Mr
Khang reminded his wife about behaving with her daughter-in-law. "In front of everyone, she was juicy with the male. But behind her, she showed the attitude. If she didn't change the way of behaving with it, don't blame me". Being loved by her husband and father, said that another situation, male appeared while sobering crying. When her husband encouraged, she explained that: "I cried for happiness. I didn't care about me, but I was interested in my friend anymore. How are you angry with you." Long hugged men into his heart to comfort. Emotional when receiving emotional affection from her husband's family member, male expressed: "I have a grandmother, I have a careful father and you
I have a real family." "Position 2 Episode 29 (Episode 100) Broadcasting 7-9 evening on VTV1.Yen waves

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