‘flavor “part 2 Episode 35 (episode 106): He Found A Clue When Looking For’ Dog ‘war

The journey to find a dog battle to Minh I was born, he was very difficult but the first signal had a positive signal. He was born with a war blouse before missing in the love flavor part 2 episode 35.0: 00/1: 01Nam SouthernThy met Africa at the company to discuss cooperation. Thy sharing: "British company employees now make their father-in-law daughter-in-law, so he prioritizes to cooperate with his side is easy to understand," .00: 00/01: 37 Birthdays find clues when looking The battle of "dogs" saw Thy misunderstood, non-explanation of men without any impact, just the company he did well so he was invited to cooperate

. Hearing the old lover of Thanh Minh, Thy said, "I have misunderstood anything, but you're wrong, you hurry for you. Anyway, when working with acquaintances, my father and Mr. Long also felt more comfortable "
Huy happened to see his wife and Africa side by side so there was a uncomfortable expression. Then see the old lover looked unhappy when Thy met Phitrong again, his journey to find his" dog "war. Birth despite very difficult but initially had positive signals. He was born with the shirt of the "dog" wear before missing is being washed by a lady on the stream ... he found a clue when he was looking for "dogs" "Flavor" part 2 episode 35 (episode 106) Broadcast VTV1 on 14-9.Yen

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