Flavor Part 2 Episode 38: Long Peeled Male, He Was ‘with Variables’

Review Flavor Love Part 2 Episode 38 Revealing Long and Male Landscape is increasingly happy, Mr. Ton seems to know his secret ... 0: 00/1: 50 NAMLONG - NAM TUTRVIEVEVIEW Flavor Part 2 Episode 38 Opening is the sweet scene of Long (strong school) and Nam (Phuong Oanh)

. The sweet scenery of Long - Nam in the moment of happiness, Long mentioned the old year when both encountered many events , Dissolve and then go together. "Hit the person running away, no one hit the person ran again, like that older, before he escaped him, until he came back, he still went to receive him That's ", Long peeled a wife. Then, men wanted to love their husbands and said that he was the one who followed himself like leeches
In response, Long announced the standard without tuning: "I don't like to do how can you follow it?". Male supports Long finding a new job for Mr. Sinhsau, Long also mentioned to apply for Jobs to him (martial arts Nostalgic) and being supported by the male enthusiasm, Long knew he was born as a father of men. However, because he was born, he was expected to keep it a secret, so he didn't know this now. This was threatened in a different development of the Reeview Flavor Part 2 episode 38, Mr. Bien and Mr. Tan (Ho Phong) continued to encounter each other. Thanks for bringing Nam when he was born, he was born with tons of nothing, Tan was not afraid to scare him: "If you want your daughter to be peaceful, you should die." The existence of his birth was always worried about the ton, because he was still alive, the secret of tons was the killer of Ba Sa, then blaming his sin to still have not been buried. Old prisoner, Eden Member of the film revealed, the encounter with the old acquaintance at the birthday party he had opened many important progress of the feet of part 2
Trong this party, he Students meet a friend who knows in prisoners in prisoners. This person invited his alcoholic alcohol, appointment would have a mental meeting and invited him to work with his job with him.

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