‘flavor “part 2 Episode 51: Ms. Xuan Blamed Thy, Mr. Khang Loved South

In part 2 episode 51 review film 'Taste friendship', Xuan said that the cause Thy indirectly led to the South moved out o.0: 00/2: part 2 episode NamTrong domain 28Nu 50, film "taste friendship" Bich Nam told her about've found your father. News, Ms. Bich very happy and asked the South: "Your father is alive or dead, family situation how, economics was, had his wife and children now?". But knowing his birth father of the South, she Bich stupor and change attitudes

. When Ms. Bich Sinh permission for adoption, her anxious husband asked the South did not know the truth. Ms
Bich concerned that, knowing his relatives Birth Buddha, South would be hard to live with the husband. Ms Bich want Sinh Nam and management linkages remain as before, hiding the truth to his home to share his Khang.Nhung when Nam told the truth to her husband's house and move out with him birth, she Bich mourn "you Born Oh, how infection last year without him. My wife and parenting Nam people. At it hard, why do not the miserable face. Now, it has a little happy, a little peace, he got it done. Is he hurt it not? ". See mom say, Nam objected, scolded Ms. Bich. Ms
Bich then only know silence. Because of this, he has proved difficult Born xu.O other developments, he stumbles grandparents Born connexion. Front connexion, Mr. Born said: "For any of this to happen, it's all my fault. Please be injured marry me. " Ms. Xuan continued: "It is also not hide forever, just so sudden. Hope you do not dodge. Be solid prop for her ".Thy angry that her mother blamed her husband. Photo: VTV.Trong review 2 episode 51 part film "Taste friendship" brand South must move out in, Xuan said to her husband: "I saw the South in cramped, she loves him. Thy both her again, so it's unknown bigotry. It is because the male father is caused, but it is a male. See how he calculated it. " Stood outside to hear her mother say, Thy was furious. In another incident, when he was photographed Born Male and her husband for Tiger had a woman to quarrel. This woman is constantly repeating the past, said Mr. Born is the killer. Even, this woman also harshly with South. Remarkably, all this process is people on social networking hoi.Ay livestream this because his story Born to affect her husband's family, parents Nam has apologized for making them upset. However, Kang has sympathy for the daughter and said: "Why do you have to apologize, I've done nothing wrong. Well, not to think about, I thought dad are here for you ".Phan 2 episode 51 the film" Taste friendship "will broadcast 21 hours day at 7/10 on Channel VTV1.Minh An

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