Flavor Reception 57: Ms. Bich Counted The Whole Pile Of Money And Felt “shorts’ Long

Taste Request 57 Featured with Ms. Bich's scene and counted money and dreams of becoming a mother's mother of Long, Thy and Huy began to have conflicts ... 0: 00/3: 11 Namnam derivation after the hospital after the decade Most Sai Sai Discharge, Ms

. Bich takes advantage of the opportunity to "push boat" in episode 57 Flavors of Love, Long's affection (strong school) and South (Phuong Oanh) is getting more and more attached after men support a knife Long. After being discharged from the hospital, Long An needs to bring men to the house with Ms. Bich (Tu Oanh) and Diep (Snow)
The director not only handed the armpit to bring the furniture back to the yard, Long Calcium men went to the room because of her wounds still hurting. Bich flange became a mother's mother's wife who forgot to light up the opportunity, Ms. Bich Excluding Diep's house from home to spend private space for couples. Seeing men call Diep on the room to help, Long-sleeved Long runs up making her embarrassing. But because of being dressed with a portion, Male tried to shield in front of Long. She chased him out, saying that he was worried. When Long turned away, the male was painful that he had almost hurriedly took him back to support the weave. The realistic flange was very happy to return to the currency counting room that colleagues sent men during the sick time. Although Nam was only a close acquaintance with his family long, but the money she received was quite a lot. Ms
Bich dreamed of a perspective when men became a relative in Long's house, then she just sat without counting money. Even, Ms. Bich also "stuffed": "My brother has left. British guys, met the sky, he ran into his eyes. "Looking for the" actresses "of Ms. Bich's gods in front of Long and his family, many audiences extremely excited. "Must say very reaching, a multi-character character, a very fast situation. Compared to Ms. Xuan, Ms. Bich is much smarter," said Ms. Bich, the movie of the movie always, see every scene feel sad Laughing "," Seeing Ms. Bich in the style of entertainment and comedy is the main. Should considering this aspect, she loves Mrs. Bich, "Although this mother has a lot of bad, pragmatic but really doesn't see Hate, the more seems to "... are some comments from the audience.Thy reveals selfish nature, Thu Khanh trùng Tính Tính 57 also witnesses the whole family of Ms. Xuan (Guo Thu Phuong), Mr. Khang (Mai Nguyen) is concerned and taken care of men when she treated in the hospital. Khang Dinh delivered the right to decide on the company for Long, Thy (Thu Quynh) proved unhappy. Thy worried that men can go home Mr. Khang to become strawberry, affecting her position in the husband's family. Bong Khang after the business trip and seeing Ms. Xuan is tired so there is a meaning of doing management, Hand over rights to drive the family of the family for Long. Long expressed just afraid of not being able to shoulder with his father. "The company is a family company, I am the one who shoulder the father's head of course. I am well-trained, I do better than my father. Only unfortunately Mr. Huy refused to take care of his work with his work. Disfaded it to study the Architecture industry only to gather for the construction of the premise for the family, do not understand why it follows the custodies of the woman's kitchen, "Long shares. Setting up, without support from the family outside hearing Mr. Khang talks about Huy (Anh Vu), Thy continues to feel worried and disappointed about her husband. After this incident, Thy asked her husband about the development of the restaurant chain. Huy expressed itself to develop his career but was not enough funding and did not want to ask the family to support. Then, Thy the wind was not satisfied with the career, the orientation of Huy's economic development. This made, the two spouses words, the sound in, unhappy about each other.

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