Flavor Request 35: Uncomfortable Huy When I Saw My Wife Talking With Old Love

In episode of 35 movies' Flavor ", Huy to the company and witnessed his old wife and love and signed the cooperation contract, standing talking with each other.0: 00/1: 34 Noudoms Main variables in the "Flavor Love" Episode 3500: 00/01: 37 In episode 34 Movie Flavor Love, Huy (Anh Vu) for the first time showed unhappy attitude to his wife. He said that Thy (Thu Quynh) behaved very reasonably, he didn't feel the love she gave to his family members. Before the criticism of her husband, Thy explained and then left the job. Behind the family's events, the harvest began to show an attitude unhappy with his wife

. It seems that Huy feels an error so go to the company to find a wife. He accidentally witnessed the conversation between Thy and Phi. Standing in front of the ex-lover, Thy shiny: "British company staff now makes her father-in-law daughter-in-law, so he prioritizes to cooperate with him is easy to understand
" Then misunderstood, in a hurry Likes: "Men have no impact on anything, just his side doing well, he will invite collaboration." It didn't like anything, but before the attitude of Africa, Thy only drove the story In other directions: "I have misunderstood anything that you don't hurry me. Anyway, when working with acquaintances, my father and Mr. Long also feels more assured. "Huy witnessed his wife talking to the old love in "Huong for friendship" Episode 35. When Thy stood talking to the ex-lover and now the partner, Huy witnessed the whole. His face revealed unhappy. Huy and Thy's husband and Thy are more and more stacked. Besides the relationship of Thy and Huy, the trailer episode 35 fertilization also shows that he has found a clue of the "dog", the feelings of the pair Double Long - South Salifier. Friendship is exercising 35 to the evening of 16/9 on VTV1 channel

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