Flip The Attack With The First Submarine Shake History

Although there was a 'failed' life, Turtle submarine opened a new page in the history of submarine wars. On September 7, 2017, during the US revolutionary war, for the first time in human history Type, a submarine attack was carried out. The past too, the submarine was built for the first time by the Dutch inventor Cornelius van Drebel in the early 17th century. But it must be 150 years After, the first military submarine was born. The story began when David Bushnell, an American inventor, started making mines in the water when he was a student at Yale University

. He said that submarine will be the best means to transport his weapons in war.Bushnell has built a 2.43 meter long wooden submarine, named Turtle (Turtle) in its shape
And the ship contains a driver, completely runs with human strength, using lead ballasts to keep balance. Turtle underground is donated to the patriotic group after the war broke out with him in 1775. Date 7/9/1776, a soldier named Ezra Lee who drove Turtle to close to his HMS Eagle warfare in New York Harbor.Whi Lee tried to attempt to attach a timer bomb to the hull, he could see the watergroup He was on the deck on the deck above, but they did not realize the strange ship underwater.Lee was close to bombing the bomb, but his drilling tool was unable to penetrate the iron shell of the British ship. He retreated, and the bomb exploded near the hull, didn't cause any damage. In the next week, Turtle made some other efforts to sink his ships on the Hudson River, but was lost Featured by the limited skills. In the Fort Lee Battle, Turtle ended the historical role when the US ship transported it was sunk by the British. Although there was a "failed" life, it opened a new page in the history of the patrol war. The readers watched the video: the Kursk submarine explosion - the most catastrophic accident of the Russian Navy
Source: People TV.T.B (General)

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