Flip The Superstitious Deliveries Of The Cia Agent

In the documents that are secrecious, the spy makes a secret task for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with great communication techniques. Of these, the CIA agent uses shoelaces, buttons, handkerchiefs to transmit confidentiality. The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recruited and trained thousands of spies for decades. CIA cases are trained to use many skilled skills such as fighting, collecting intelligence .

.. After obtaining intelligence information, the CIA spy will use some common life items to do The communication tool on the organization without being discovered. According to some CIA's secrecy documents, during the Cold War, the US spy will use the shoelace to transmit confidential information for the organization
To do this, the CIA agents wear shoes like everyone. However, they will tie shoelaces in the same ways to be underground. Each type of shoe tie symbolizes a message content. Well, when the two CIA agents meet to exchange information, they just need to look at how to tie shoelaces for confidential information that the enemy wants to send What is the same as the shoelace, the CIA spy uses the shirt to communicate confidential information about the organization. Through the use of any kind of shirt, size and color, the CIA spy will be able to communicate with colleagues without talking. The result is the CIA agents to meet and insister Honey causes their mission to not be discovered by the opponent's intelligence unit. Hand is also a daily supplied supplies used by CIA agents while transmitting confidential. For everyone, the handkerchief is a normal item that many people bring with the man.do, the spy bearing his handkerchief will not be suspected. However, they will use some tricks such as writing confidential information on a hand towel with a special ink
Only using the CIA's tool and device, the new message appears. So, even if it falls into the opponent's hand, they don't know how to decode. The readers watch the video: CIA on the television to recruit the spy. Source: Thdt.Tam Anh (according to grunge)

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