Flower P2 Episode 15: The Reason Ms. Bich Believes Nam (phuong Oanh) Will Come To Long

Adjusting the affection of Phuong Nam (Phuong Oanh) and Hoang Long (strong school), Ms. Bich affirmed as nails closing the Nam and Long columns before following each other. 'Flavor "Part 2 Episode 15 Broadcasts 21:00 am August 17 on VTV1.0: 00/3: 15NamNam still firmly do not want to go back to Long (strong school) Diep (Bich Ngoc) recalled Dung (Sy Hung) actively visited himself at preschools, saying that Diep was a person or waiting for himself at the company. Diep den was not me, Dung reminded Diep stories to kiss himself

. He announced his stay in the company, now knowing Diep makes at school, so every day will take the face to seek. Diep Tin Nam is very determined to leave Long Long. Ms
Bich said "running in the sun", just running around for time. Ms. Bich affirmed that men definitely return to Long because the two loved each other, like her love story with Mr. Tuan (NSND Justice) the day before, many times wanted to quit without. With LongDiep told men, they are determined to erase the moles, because if they don't try it yet. Male supports the sister of bleaching the mole but does not support Diep because people are not worthy. Diep a mole, but according to Ms. Bich (Tu Oanh) is a Phu Quy mole, if bleaching to Diep will meet the lovers even dangerous to the lives. When he returned home, Diep tried to wear a shielded mask but did not over the eyes of Ms. Bich
Diep was discovered by Mrs. Bich Bich to arrest Diep, pulled the mask of Diep, peeled the sticks to reveal the mole Remove. Seeing the Phu Quy's mole of Diep, Ms. Bich Nhu died standing, falling to the ground to cry. She cried and cried and beat Diep, and she planted to pull Diep and put it on the mole. Diep certain unconsciously, saying for a few years do not dare to look up and look at anyone because of that mole. Ms. Bich also misunderstood the main male instigation to erase the mole to "suck" Diep's talent. Bich Bich sleeps saw the scene running to the site to meet the south and unfortunately in distress when the sacks fall into the head , made her stand still. Mago Dieps do what you like. Diep has advised men to go home with her mother. Male disagrees because of a long time, but in a dream still haunts Ms. Bich's story in the past. Diep refused to bring home. Male carefully put gifts for Diep brought back so Mrs. Bich was angry, but she stopped her sister to say because Nam bought. He was born (Vo Hoai Nam NS, announced that the war had to surgery if she was not both legs, but the hospital was charged hundreds of millions. The battle of "dog" gives himself a "dog" war that does not go to the elephant. The battle of "dogs" threatened to give some people to "dogs" .sa agreed to go through the old lover but not yet given a father-son (Thu Hanh) as a set to give it to Mr. Tan- Old lover worked, but did not agree to publicize the relationship, want to go to pursue yourself, Dung on the name is still her own child instead of toning a father. Sitting on the old talk with Ba Sa, ton received the phone of the "dog" war. He asked ton to see Ba Sa knewning that was the killer of her husband. "Heard your life is good, unfortunately there is a problem that is probably sorry," said the battle of the dog. Ton hitting the post to fight what the war needs, the "dog" war does not hesitate to demand two billion. "Dogs" demanding a two-billion ton, otherwise will reveal himself to be a prisoner. The secret of the sky involved in prisoners to replace you, "said the battle of the dog and looked at him (NSs Vo Hoai Nam) just came. The "dog" battle trophy makes the instant instant. Ms. Sa re-heard when he heard tons of "dog" war. He was born to ask but the "dog" war did not talk about the plotting plot, but it seemed very confident about the ability to succeed. He was born because of a debt of 1 billion 3, so he had to go to the Care of War, but was always chased by his father, throwing it because he said that the battle and he was born as a robbery.

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