‘flower Season Finds’ Episode 22: Snow Made ‘cottage’ Miscarriage

In the 'Flower season to find' episode 22, snow makes the old husband of the miscarriage, while the elegant seems to see the son that she is pregnant for a giant many years ago instance.0 of 1: 00/1: 41 NAMVIDEO: The main developments in the "Flower season to find" episode 22200: 00/01: 42 In the episode of the flower season to find the episode 22, Le (Thanh Huong) caught a boy who was drinking milk in the supermarket. She approached, reminding the boy not to open such a drink. In response to her gentle, the boy answered curtly: "shelves". Unexpectedly with the boy's attitude but the qualified reminded: "Children cannot talk to such adults, know yet ? "

. Lei finally finished, a man appeared and called his name. As soon as he saw this man, Le shocked. And the other man was also stunned and called her name
It was more likely, it was the great giants that helped pregnant people, and the boy was the son she was born. Meet this man in the "Flower season to find" episode 22. A other remarkable development in the flower season to find the episode 22 is the old mother-in-law that broke the snow house. She rummaged through the furniture everywhere with the desire to earn a valuable asset. Not only to go alone, the ex-husband mother of snow also dragged her son of her son. She went to the snow house, only caring for the refrigerator to eat. At that time, snow returned. The old mother-in-law hurriedly the cottage escaped into the room under the first floor. Tuyet into the house, planning to step onto the floor but hunched for her to know something was wrong. She walked forward to the right door where the old mother-in-law mother and the Tam were hiding
A scuffle happened, the Tam was miscarried. It was worried about making the old husband of miscarriage. This made the snow very hard. Her father did not only comfort her daughter but also let go of the hook, stupid "snow and claimed she was responsible, he would not help anything. Flowers find the episode 22 on the dark waves July 13 on VTV3 channel. Hoang Anh

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