Flower Season Refer To Episode 26: Laws Of Sensitive Posture Of Copper And Water

In Review Episode 26 'Flower season Finding again', the accidental dependence caught the scene of Dong and Thuy was in the intimate posture.0: 00/1: 51 Southern Southern seasuveview seasons seasons LOOKING Episode 26 Revealing the scene ( Thanh Huong) into a bread shop. Here, she witnessed a female employer who was scolded by the owner, threatened to pay a salary because he continuously dropped the snow. The snow face after many dosses did not expect that the female employee was the snow. (Huong Giang) - who was a rich lady and her best friend

. After his ex-husband in prison, he also almost entangled the Labor, Snow sold the house, leaving his hometown away. From a lunar and snow, snow became more pathetic than ever. The whole face made both extremely awkward
Particularly, though it was very angry with what snow did but she still cared about you. The misunderstanding of the water? Review Flower season Leaving Episode 26 also has a scene of a giant who hired pregnant people Arrange affectionate affairs. The giant hiredly hired the profit of this person to say, he was still single and the Baby Bin very loved. Bin is the drop of blood of this giant with his lover, but the person born is again. At the moment, the boy is very tangerous and she also has a feeling for the boy. Meave together, both are singing to the baby Bin is a connection wire. Those reasons are completely convincing so that the rears can nod in agreement. However, she was starting to have feelings with Dong (Duy Hung). Thinking the game to pull with another situation, Thuy Nhu (Thu Hoai) switched to Han Han pleading with me. She said: "I have tried to heal just because I'm just because I'm
He said he loved me, loving the child but didn't understand what it wants ". However, the copper also quickly peeled his ex-wife. He said that the purpose of the water is not because of their children. The two sides struggled to fall into a "sensitive" position. At that time Lei opened the door to enter. Accidentally witnessed this scene, she fried.

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