Flowers: Birthday Tranging Long, Nam (phuong Oaner) Is Given ‘bald’

Actively speaking farewell Hoang Long (Manh Truong), Phuong Nam (Phuong Oanh) sooner or later leaving the company of Long Family. Khanh, the guy peaches the best friend of Long, immediately attracting men about his company. 'Flavor friendship' Episode 67 broadcasts 21:00 pm 21/7 on VTV1.0: 00/1: 45 Nam Khanh stuffed south about British company TabA Bich (Tu Oanh) is very hard, saying not stealing What is ashamed. "Maybe I don't take the golden ring, but I took another things," said men

. "Hey, do you think I like to bring those sludge rash? For new poverty. With both I don't take, they pour it, "Ms. Bich argued
Bich Bich troubled about not taking things in Longnam Family laughing:" Mom not only gets out of excess rice. Mother took her belongings and supplements anymore. " Ms. Bich has not loses, asking for men to give evidence. Ms. Lu Lo Nam stood about the Family Family Long to go home with Mother's question. South is forced to give me evidence to steal furniture from the Long Family "Mother needs proof right? I know when I look at the pictures recorded in the camera, how shame, "said men. She was long for the pictures of Ms. Bich's images to turn off his furniture in his house. I wanted to see Nam asking her to break up with Long
Khanh asked men about Khanh's company to make awkward. "I'm good at Giang and my eyes. If you don't invite me, what else you miss it. He knew sooner or later he left the company, so he had to hunt me first, "Khanh said. Male smiled: "It's Mr. Long thanks to you right now." The male dragoon about his company after knowing she had just bid farewell to the previous episode, seeing the male just bid farewell to sadly, and to throw away the round of toys The love of the love of two people, Diep can play her sister. Male strong mouth is just a "school position", will quickly forget, saying that I'm okay. Diep said his sister's "black heart" hit, because he forgotten but was not sure easy to forget. Diep himself though bravely treated badly, but still remembers, only fear of mom and I scolded so I didn't say.

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