Flowers Of Soldiers

New day of unit, comrades Radar station politics asked us: 'Does comrades know which place is this?' All silently im. He asked and happily replied again: 'It's the buoy mountain, around the windy and white clouds, it will be strenuous!'. Strenuous? We are not afraid, only things will be sad if only heaven, clouds, trees, leaves.0: 00/2: 01 Southern menu understand our confidences, encouragement: "The team's life It is lacking in taste. Flowers will help the soul of the soldier who loves more life

. "So we turned together each stone, putting each layer of gravel, holding the soil of the dust on the peak of the dry mountain. Date of up permissions, comrades the politician carrying ten hours of slender, baby leaves strokes a drawing pen. He said: "Gift of rear, simple but beautiful! Trees from the bottom reverse steep up the mountain to the radar station, you try to take care of
" . Artwork, taken in 2019 / Manh Hung. In high mountains, the water lacks but the wind is excess. The tree quietly went to the roots to rise. Just a little after the Porch, along the way to the radar, tiny flower buds like young peaches have gone to vibrate in the early sun. Trees have not yet rushed to show off, waiting for nearly lunch to extract a fragile wing. Perhaps so people called flowers for ten hours. The more sunny sunshine, the more fresh flowers. Both multicolored floral mats are in vitality. We love flowers and associate with each colorful meaningful meanings
Hey! The ten o'clock yellow flowers are as nature like the original love budding, fluttering, shy. Fresh red flowers such as passionate love and aspirations. And purple flowers fade like a common diagnonal appointment even though thousands of ways away. How many colors are the love of soldiers in it. Ten hours simple, fragile but also beautiful, strange strong. I realized in this high place, ten o'clock assisted with the soul of the soldier, sometimes jubilantly, sometimes quietly reflected. However, no matter how difficult it was, it was difficult for ten hours to bloom as the sessions of his brothers on the station, not wrong. Durable flowers rose on the top of the mountain like the Radar soldier persisted in persistent pillars, sticking to the radio. Flowers suddenly become a friend of mind, beautify the soldier's heart. We love ten hours to take a longer life, warmer, more firmly believe in the country sky.

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