Fluttering Unique Gold Shop In Vietnam, The Size Of The Baby Has Looked At The Rudimentary Scenery

This tiny gold shop in Vietnam is real, how to make a sketchy design as a garden in the garden.0: 00/1: 51 Nam Thuong Normal gold shops will be built solidly and carefully with the protection system ensure safety. In particular, today, many gold stores have bodyguards, with 24-hour surveillance camera system. But there is a gold shop that looks simple, so simple that it is unbelievable. New way, netizens share pictures of special gold shops

. Special things are not in goods or sold jewelry that are in the presentation space. Perhaps this is the unique gold shop in our country. This gold has a sketchy design, the wall is not built with bricks that are made up of tunnels and wood
Overall the tiny space like a hut. Many people ask questions that do not know which gold seller dare to let the value of valuable assets in such a small house, looking at how to protect nothing guarantee. The area of the house is only about 3-4m2, 3 - 4 people standing will be tight. Inside only a small cabinet to display jewelry products. Netizens showed surprise at this 1-0-2 gold shop but showed excitement because of the peaceful space, quietly Countryside. However, this is a picture of netizens "dig". In fact, this special gold shop has stirred the netizens in 2017.Theo press, this gold shop is true and lies in Vinh Binh commune, Cho Lach, Ben Tre. The gold shop is located in a well-ordered security, so the employer does not worry and has never been stolen. But now people don't know if the gold shop still exists or does the owner has built a new house
"Open it with eyes. I think in my hometown and open in the big road or near the market." , A netizen expressed. "A hut with a golden cupboard is real, the peaceful setting too," another person comes in. A others said: "Probably only a place to sell, When I don't sell too owners also take gold home, no one dare to let the big asset number here ".Thu Trang

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