Focal Clear Mg Won The Best Headset 2021-2022 Voted By Eisa

MG version helps Focal Clear promoted, passing countless rivals to become the best full size headset design 2021 - 2022 voted by the European audio and image association - EISA. This is one of the largest electronic awards with a history of more than 40 years.Focal Clear MGFocal Clear has been an excellent product of its company, but with the improvement of the MG version, Focal has upgraded the headset pattern This up a new range. The changes include new pure magnesium drivers, improvements with resonant vibration control inside housing and align everything to fit the user ears. Audio results still retain the openness of the original but have better feedback, more accurately and more detailed regeneration

. It brings a clear true feeling about a completely spready field right in front of the eye without being hidden or looming in the beginning. Reference price: about 34 million Dongtai Listen to Focal is officially distributed by Nguyen Audio - Dinh Phuc

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