Following Trinh Thang, Ngo Yorni, Truong Phi Tr Tr Tr Tr Tr Tr Tr Tr Tr Tuyen, Huo Ton “fluttering ‘for Private Scandal

A series of smart characters in the entertainment village of Hoa Language dissipated career because of the principal scandal of the year. The minh families dissipate the career because of the scandal in the private life. The head of the head must include the actress who is swarming with a pregnant scandal. Trinh was born in 1991, she was dubbed Cbiz's "Thanh Xuan goddess". The movie watching the meteor shower gave her name wide to the public

. However, that morning star also quickly turned off before the scandal of Hoa Ngu Entertainment Village.Tram Sangday 18/1/2021, Truong Hang - Her ex-boyfriend to deny the scams and debt , usury. At the same time, he also announced that there were two 13-month-old children with the actress of Trinh
Evidence is a birth certificate and the audio recorder to remove the child with a heavy gut, causing the artists and fans horrifying., The actress wants to bring his baby to breed for people Other, because for her that it is good because somewhat helping families not children. In addition, Zhouborn also frankly expressed: "If later, it will be emotional again. Eggs and sperm are not yet used, still being frozen." Calculate moral decadence This made the "Thanh Xuan goddess" of the entertainment village of Hoa Language in minutes minutes into the career. She was officially "defensive", banned from all the media. The films have the participation of Trinh Tham and many brands simultaneously boycottful. Current, female actress sword film with a struggling life, lack of life. Trinh is forced to speak up "Valve" the network community for the opportunity to redeem the error and offer the remaining lifetime for art. Lô Yes Hiên Bình Phàm - Former Exo member of the EXO group was born in 1990, he was a singer and actress Cbiz famous tablet
In June 2021, HOTGIRL DRIVING DRESSION OF FLOOR BACKGROUND DRESS TO SUPPLY HOME TO THE SAY WINCY AND DEFINITION Rape. In addition, the beauty was born in 2002 and the element of talented families many times using the main girls to play the MV to trick the girls to go home to make bad intentions. Even My Truc also said Ngo Yorni Have relations with girls who are not sufficient older adolescents. John Hubles after being exposed, Ngo Yon Pham is the first artist in Cbiz "deleted "All social network accounts. The labels in turn have a move to stop cooperating with him. Nam singer Cach Ngo faces a severe sentence and a "terrible" compensation. Fans condemned "extremely harsh" and in turn took action "exit fans" .The 16/8, Police of Chaoyang City (Beijing, China) officially issued a command to arrest Ngo Yorniness for sin Comfortable. That shows that the police have grasped in many criminal evidence. And South Rappers must definitely pay the price of moral decadence. The drought period is born in 1991. The actor is famous through the success of the film Son Ha command. It can be said that the Father-lecture is one of the smart and ups and downs. Just famous, the series of actors who used to shoot three years ago was retrieved. So the short career of Truong Trieu is also collapsed. The physical term, the actor on Japan took a wedding to a friend and photographed political sensitive photos. Truong Phi trutus became a crime of the country.Scandal of the film actor Why I love you, I have never had a precedent in China. After only four hours, 27/27 brands simultaneously stopped cooperating with him, many television programs, film producers turn their backs. The job of "lack of understanding" of Truong Trieu Term shall also make "smooth" million Vy was involved. British Weibo account was owned by Million Vy Management Company, was also banned from the activity. The voice of curtain curtains are well known when winning the first season of Sing My Song music competition.Hoắc Tontheo, actress dancing huge huge silver silver. On the Personal page, Tran Lo said when two dating, Huoc Ton remained with other women, underwent "Love One Night" and had a perverted life. She launched a lot of evidence of huge lives wrongly. Previousness of noise, the voice of the 1990s in the 1990s to appear apologized to the audience and withdrew from the entertainment world. In addition, male singer denies a 9-year girlfriend trick and relations with many other women. Real, idol culture in China is very strict. The crystals can be hit by blue clouds, warmly hunted and the career from it also raises incense. However, just a small negligence can cause the body to build five minutes to dissolve. Fans quickly turned their backs, the "exit fans" happened, the "stars" would never have the opportunity to become. Since it sets the idol culture in Vietnam to be very "open"?! Because when an artist sticks to scandal, they often choose the "hidden" method in one th

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