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The beauty originates inside, if eating is not properly, your skin will be quite bad. In order to have a clean, radiant skin, you must start with what is loaded into the body.0: 00/4: 39 Navigen has many approaches to eat healthy, but some foods are Professionals will ensure your beauty range. In fact, more and more people consider the relationship between what they eat and how it expresses outside. To help you have the opportunity to start practicing the first skin care steps, experts have synthesized the leading foods you should eat to promote brighter white skin

. Leather 'denouncing' what you load Into the body. Microbiology heals the Lane Whitney Bowe from New York said: 'Do not have enough micro-enamel in the diet, eating not the right food will slow the digestion and create Change the type of bacterial environment in your gut. I always simplify it and say that the intestinal inflammation means that the skin is inflamed
If you heal your gut, it's the first step to heal your skin '. To combine more biological products into the diet, Bowe suggests you should eat Kombucha (a fermented tea Very famous in Japan), cabbage, anything soaked with sour, yogurt, ... Kombucha tea helps slow the aging process. Prebiotics supplements a different way to support healthy intestines and lane Clean skin is additional prebiotics to conventional diets. Bowe said: 'Garlic, leeks, asparagus are amazing prebiotic fiber supplies in the diet. They help provide a healthy flora system and restore your intestinal microorganisms back to a healthier state than the healthy intestinal support. Little sugar food helps skin clean, real The product has a high sugar content such as white pasta, white bread, biscuits, bread, or any refined food that is related to inflammation and acne. If you swap some food with high blood sugar index for low blood sugar index, including chicken, eggs, vegetables, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice,
.. you really have CLEANING ANGROWAY ANWORDS ANWORDS EXPERIENCE: 'Studies show a link between milk and ice cream with acne, but there are no links between yogurt, cheese with acne fish. We think it is due to the benefits of prebiotic in cheese and yogurt, so this type will deny the negative effects of milk. In other words, eat yogurt but switch to fatty milk. Soothing of technical inflammation has a miraculous effect in soothing inflammation and has proven to improve your immune system. So you should drink turmeric with warm water to balance the natural skin system of the skin and protect skin cells against free radicals. This fruit tree is a natural vitamin C supply, A strong antioxidant helps to speed up cellular rotation, against free radical lesions, and support collagen and elastin production. It also encourages your body to meticulate faster, helping you feel less flatulent. The green skin protects the skin from the sun of green tea, which is part of a number of East Asia cultures. Japanese women in particular are aware of the skin care benefits of green tea for centuries. Some benefits of green tea include to slow down DNA damage, preventing inflammation, protecting skin from the harmful effects of the sun. The green has a lot of benefits in skin care. Fish Helps make sure to be a long list of benefits for health, especially for skin, if you eat fish regularly. Types of fat fish, especially wild salmon, sardines and mackerel provides protein and essential amino acids, creating blocks of our skin, helping the skin be strong. , flounder, cod, rose fish and sardines contain selenium. Cold water fish such as salmon, sardines and mackeroles containing many essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, helping to retain the natural oil fence of the skin, combat irregular skin dryness and skin Coloring.Khoai Lang Anti-aging specialists recommend eating sweet potatoes. This food is rich in beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin E and antioxidants. Beta carotene (a precursor of vitamin A) and vitamin A helps fight discoloration and early aging signs on the skin by supporting healthy skin innovation process. Vitamin E supports collagen in the skin and antioxidants against skin lesions involving inflammation. Lang rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. Helps the skin to divide very rich in Omega 3 from plants and proteins And dissolved fiber. Omega 3 in the split particle has anti-inflammatory effects and can protect the skin from inflammation, such as eczema, hyperpigmentation, ... In addition, protein is the foundation of healthy skin structure. Dissolved fiber can help keep the intestinal tract healthy, promoting healthy bacteria balance in the intestine. Separated seeds also help skin hydrated

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