For Chestnuts More Green

That day, witnessing the chestnuts devastated heavily, the people went to do new economy in Van Tien village, Quang Luat commune (Quang Trach district) took over to protect forests. The job is difficult, dangerous, sometimes threatened at both life, but, with the responsibility, love with the forest, they are still determined to protect each chestnuts. People revive the forest on the board cover The vast green is the small house of his husband and wife Nguyen Van Hop. Over 30 years ago, he and his wife and 11 more people went to Van Tien village to establish a campaign. Since then, the story of the forest protection team was born

. "The 1990s returned first, due to the hard life, everyone went to the forest for logging for sale. Quang Luu chestnuts Devastated only the hills ". Before that situation, the commune government had the policy of zoning to protect the chestnuts
He and 11 households are assigned by a person to hold 12 ha of forest and are granted 3 ha of production land near the forest cover. Based to the chestnuts, people raise bee economic development. With responsibility and hope to revive the forest, Households have taken turns, daily cuts people to go weeks and guards. Despite the policy of zoning, protecting forests, but according to customs and habits, people still regularly go to the forest for logging, taking firewood, burning coal ... "Meet such cases we all prevent And mobilize people who are not deforested. Particularly, in about 2000, a delegation with about 49 people in Quang Chau commune, clannote into tightening and burning 25 firewood to get coal. We discovered and prevented but they opposed and used force. At that time, we had to return to the commune authorities to support ", he recalled again
The forest protection was hard, sometimes dangerous to the lives, the support level was small, but love , Responsibilities with the chestnuts are the motivation for him to stick with nearly half of his life. Chestnuts regenerate well, in addition to the effort of the forest protection team, also have the participation of a team of people who are economically doing business New at that time. Mr. Phan Van Nam, 1 of 60 households who followed up the new economic development in Van Tien village still clinging to today. We went to the forest near the house, Mr. Nam said: "30 Five, I am with the British wasting land of hilly land for economic development. Due to the house near the forest, I was protected by the commune government to protect 12ha of the chestnut. Every day, in addition to farm development work, I often go week to protect the forest. Despite hard, dangerous but because of the assigned responsibilities, I am still determined to close the forest to protect the forest for thirty years ". In 2008, the entire area of regenerated chestnuts was handed over to the commune authorities managed and protect. People like Mr. Hop, Mr. Nam and some other households despite no longer responsibility with the chestnas as before but still voluntarily on the day of participating in protecting the chestnuts every time he has strangers into deforestation or every time forces Nang is not present. Figure of the economic development of the people besides the chestnuts. Forests, the forest meets ... more than 30 years of sticking with the chestnuts, sunny days as well as rainy day, Mr. Hop, Mr. Nam Together Other people are still on weekends and forest protection. At Today, do not work people, Chestnuts have become more and more green. Under the canopy of the chestnuts, now many households have escaped poverty and have a pretty fake economy. I set up a business from white hands, when the chestles are still in the regeneration period, so far, Mr. Phan Van Nam has a farm Summary for stable income. Chestnuts in Quang Luu commune are supported by people to protect for over 30 years. In Nam Nam Tam: "I have a vaccine like today's partly thanks to the chestnut. Previously, every ripe chestnut, my family invited each other to the forest to pick up the chestnuts for sale. Every season, we picked up for a tens of quintals, sold 30-40 million dong. Thanks to the chestnut, my family escapes poverty and gradually builds the economy. Take advantage of the chestnuts, especially at the flower chestnuts, I raise 50 honey bees. In addition, my husband grows 200 pepper rows, raising 10 cows and dig ponds, drop fish. Now, my family economy has also been much more confused. "Chenstickets revived each day and brought sources of income for families and many people in the region, Mr. Nguyen Van Hop was happy to share:" When we were up, we only knew based on cassava tubers, potatoes, so they were precarious. At that time, the chestnuts helped us overcome the difficulty of economic development. Up to now, after 30 years of persistent with the chestnuts, my family has a combination of a general farm, including Melaleuca forest 15ha, 200 stems of bamboo shoots and herds, chickens ... for interest income of about VND 250 million / year "Nguyen Hoa Ly, Vice Chairman of Quang Luu Commune People's Committee said:" Currently, the commune has 1,000 ha of forest, mainly Chestnuts. Previously, chestnuts were seriously destroyed so in 1990 Zoning, protection. Thanks to households like Mr. Hop, Mr. Nam ... but now the chestnuts have revived. Chestnuts developed well played an important role for people in the commune and neighborhood. Forests Keep the water source for the dams so that the people produce summer-autumn and east-spring rice. Thanks to the chestnuts, people have more income from picking chestnuts

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