For The First Time Dating, The Girl Was Out Of Soul Because Of A Mistake Of 3 Thousand Dong Was Also Reminded By Her Boyfriend

This girl is not afraid because his boyfriend wants to split money for the date. She was only frustrated that the guy Chi Ly came to every 3 thousand VND. Also knew that the impression on the first day dating was very important. So the boyfriends and girls do many ways to attract the attention of the other. However, many young people have made a girl 'run loss of sandals' right from the first meeting because it shows the badness causing everyone to panic

. The first dating, the girl was out of soul because of the wrong money 3 Thousands of copper were also reminded by her boyfriend, on a group of a large number of social networking users, a user name QN was confided by his feelings. It is known that tomorrowmate, this friend has known to a guy over 2 years old. It is known that this girl is the last year student and his boyfriend has graduated and worked for nearly 2 years
Through chat, both found quite well, so I decided to meet, dating at a restaurant. In the first time I met, the girl didn't want to be a reputation, so it was expensive to divide it with her boyfriend. (Artwork) This guy also happily thanked his girlfriend and said the bill. Any doubt, seeing the wrong girl, lack of 3 thousand, this young man also reminded her to share it right. This makes her feel scared before this guy's beautiful behavior. The conversation of this girl with her boyfriend: "- Mr. Oh, how much money do you know tonight. I know This is the first time she wanted to share each other but I still want to share Italy. Error of anyone's disease .- He 350 thousand Mr
Nha.- 353 thousand, I took the computer to separate the computer. "(Photo in the song) The spending, the calculation of the real guy made her 'tears'. Perhaps, this girl didn't want to continue dating this guy. The dating story of the couple also attracts a large number of attention from social network users. Many people think this guy is too stingy, not to date people like this. However, there are also other opinions that the girl has actively demanded to share money, paying an additional 3 thousand dongs nor a matter. "The son in the first meeting should invite. The next time for a girlfriend", people Using Thang Long writing. "It was a comedy story. I think it's not real," said Thanh Ha users. The fact that they had to wait for a long time would create a feeling of being lost. So don't let him wait for you right in the first date. Ident myself throughout the appointment to work as a bland when you talk about myself. A dialogue cannot focus on one person. That shows that you are too higher than herself and not paying attention to the person you sit opposite. Pay your girlfriend if you are a male, express the threshold by paying the bill in the first appointment Fairy. If there are next dates, you and your girlfriend can share "love", but in the first session, please determine if she wants to pay.

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