For The First Time, Moon Cake Drawing, Hanoi’s Mother And Mother Do Not Dare To Receive Applications Because Of Overloading

Ms. Thu Phuong also shared how to make a lotus background so she could delight to draw moon cakes according to its idea.02: 00/4: 18 nam co-work of the personnel work of a company but Ms. Thu Phuong (38 Age, Hanoi) is passionate about the left cake. Nothing that after everything of an ending day, night down or weekend has spare time, the mother 3 children go to the kitchen, making all kinds of delicious cakes

. Particularly moon cakes, she made a 2-year beginning to get acquainted for 2 years, so far, she tried with a moon cake drawing a lot of lovers. The birthday cake for you took this passionate group in me. Seeing the cake is also something very good, with strange attraction, so 8x began to learn and officially learned about it
Maybe, enjoy the delicious cooking gene of my father's art Phuong comes with fruit cakes not many difficulties. Those platforms will definitely help her sublimate when they start making each cake. Gradually, not only baking cakes to eat the family, she also received a lot of friends and colleagues. Although do not put heavy economic problems, this made her happy, more motivated to make cakes. Like the cake diets I made a lot of lovers and recognitions, what happiness by.Tuy HR work at the company is not free but the cake job does not affect her time Because the mothers are trying to do their passion at night and weekends. Initially, it was officially made, she also felt a little concerned, worried, afraid of affecting work and taking care of children. However, sorely, Mr. Xa Gia supported enthusiastically, so he was determined to satisfy passionately about the moon cake, she had done 2 years. Mothers make shared, "At first he also went to school to grasp the technique and the arrangement was later to raise the formula and improve the formula according to his taste and a taste according to their customers
" Then, 1 year ago, she was unintentionally found in the newspaper with a moon cake drawing. At that time, this cake is hardly many people do and the cake is simply. So from there, Ms. Thu Phuong also built the idea to draw cakes but had not found a background material to draw the cake to be deeper. When you learn about beans (catch flowers with green beans) and Try with lotus background material, she started drawing cakes. Thanks to that, this year, when her mid-autumn cake draws, friends and friends are very unexpected, excited. Everyone praises the words and says "Beautiful like this anyone who eats eat". "Of course there is no first product that succeeds even. I also have to take many times to adjust the liquidity of the mixture as well as heat Baked every time to avoid cracking drawing backgrounds because just overheating is that the background will crack immediately, "Ms. Thu Phuong shared a bit difficult when trying to strengthen the new moon cake. Current cake Collection of drawing, 8x still makes moon cakes floating and traditional cakes. She shared, herself only received a limited number of drawings and floating flowers to focus on traditional moon cakes. As recently, she only accepted 100 marrow cakes and rejected 1 single 120 units because of overloading. Moreover, the 3-year-old mother said that the quality of cakes is more important than all, the economy is not a burden. In when doing interwoven types of middle cakes, Thu Phuong noticed, every cake had existence And create a separate mark, no one can replace each other. Each cake seemed unique, like every girl with his own beauty. Although modern cakes are being received by many people, the traditional cake is still the foundation, which is the cradle to the cakes "post-late birth" to promote the potential. Thu Phuong, you can refer to: The shell and the multiplication as the recipe of the traditional baked baked baked cake is completely ripe, covering the lotus background on the bake to dry and use the food color to draw. Pretty simple: Preparing: - 200g fresh lotus removal (dry lotus 100g) - 65g edible oil - 70g sugar-07g Multi-purpose wheat flour - 07g corn flour - 40g water made: - lotus and smooth grinding. The senus is smooth and the road on the island pan is then slowly the fire of the fire until the fire comes again. Mix corn and flour into water and pour slowly into the lotus mixture. Need to spin the microwave oven for warming (can add less fresh milk for soft lotus and avoid cracking when baking) and then use flying to cover the cake. - Grill 150 degrees C in 12 minutes to make class hard background. After the cold background uses the food gel color drawing. Between drawing layers, dry and dry the next layer. After the drawing is finished, put into the kiln for dryness is okay.

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