For Unexpected Sublimation Emotions From The Foreplay

The foreplay in 'that story' is considered a perfect preparation step, bringing the body to separate pleasures. However, how did couples make their foreplay effectively? What are the secrets to help for foreplay successfully: 00/3: 19The namtheo BS Nguyen Dinh Lien-Head of the Fathers of Urology and Mall - Central E Hospital, the foreplay is considered weak The factor causes the love to become happy or depressed, if you look from the two gender, the foreplay has the same effect. Sexual stimulus activities can help women release lubricants, while helping men maintain an erection to stretch pleasure. When joining the foreplay together, both will also be easier to peak. There are experts saying that the time is said to be ideal for foreplay to promote the effect of about 20 minutes

. However, BS Nguyen Dinh Lien said that this time did not necessarily fit everyone. Many times or less depends on the time and needs of each individual. The time for the foreplay according to the Lien BS should not pull too long, however, the foreplay can start with very normal acts before the love that takes place as long as listening to music, watching movies Or wash your feet for each other
.. the emotional break for both people, causing a comfortable, confident couple when entering love is the foreplay's mission, however, how to get foreplay Show this task in the best way - Skills or enthusiasm will bring effective? BS Nguyen Dinh Lien said that to do things perfectly, couples should learn more information and knowledge and skills that will be very important in all situations and should be exchanged to understand each other's actual needs of each other . Even if the guys take them to the top, but if it doesn't make her feel romantic, it's not a perfect foreplay. Illustrated not that few people think that the creativity in the foreplay is more difficult In the main section. The foreplay is the gestures, actions of lovingly, loving your gentle and partners for each other. There are many different ways to show foreplay, depending on each person's creativity and "daring". Perfect foreplay can a fierce kiss, a unexpected gift, new space or stimulating movement into the "G-Point" of the partner ..
The process of stimulating the enemy before entering the bright Create and always change to avoid boring in that. Therefore, so that the couple sex life is comfortable, you should explore, explore and think of new ways, avoid repeating a posture, a kiss or "love" type. I said quite a lot about the importance of the foreplay and how to get the perfect foreplay. However, some people seem to worry that if we are so expected to go to the foreplay, it does pressure and leads to uncomfortable in the next section if the foreplay fails as expected. Therefore, you can comfortably perform and experience many ways for foreplay. Bs Nguyen Dinh Lien shared, whether it was not successful, don't not be able to give up creation. Sometimes with couples, embarrassments, imperfections in the foreplay bring a different feeling, leading to successes in the next section. If you skip the foreplay before you have a relationship Pillow blankets will become more and more boring when both enters too fast. Wanting it to become a few minutes of a quick call or a hot love that makes both happy happiness? If you choose the perfect result to the life of the happy room, find yourself the most interesting and attractive ways for the foreplay to really bring effective with both. Creativity is unlimited, so, let's create a lot of emotions together from the foreplay ./. Phuong Trang / VOV2

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