Forchics – American Cosmetics Brand For Modern Women

As a US Cosmetic Brand - the top country in the field of beauty, forchics 'scoring' with many women thanks to the series of hair care and extremely effective MI: 00/3: 14 domain Male Serum Care and Beauty Brand Forchics is a woman, everyone wants a smooth white skin, a pair of pink pink lips and couples. Mi curved goods make the woman's eyes glamorous and more attractive. Under the impact of the environment and the pressure of life, the shirts or hair can gradually weaken, leading to the lack of moisture needed to lose easiness - one of the first signs of early aging. Understanding that need, in 2018, Forchics launches cosmetic brands - care and beauty, with the main product lines of eyelashes and hair. In particular, the serum series combines the perfect between makeup, care and nurturing Eyebrow Enhancing Serum only 1 month after its launch has created impressive imprints, bringing to revenue levels up to million USD via direct form Route

. This record brought the name Forchics to occupy the best selling makeup products in the United States, becoming a familiar beauty brand of many sisters in the United States. Serum Makeup, Care and Farming MI "Eyebrow Enhancing Serum" combines natural extract components, helping to balance moisture, long, thick and curved mi nourishes, bringing pairs of mi attraction and charm. Serum Care and do Beautiful brand forchicstheo brand representative forchics global, so far, Forchics has studied and launched many product lines specializing in makeup, taking care of mi and hair
Forchics products towards female customer segments at all ages. Fortchics brand representative, Han Yi shared: "All forchics products are checked for safety before being provided Schools, can meet the demands of both sensitive skin. This natural cosmetic line uses expensive and high-end materials, which are imported from France, America and Germany ". Serum Care and Beauty Brand Forchics Especially, Forchics Customer Care Staff System Directly connected to experts has had many years of experience in the field of care and beauty, helping customers get adequate advice to easily select specialized products, suitable for each person. Now, consumers have the right to choose and accompany their favorite products because of the diversity and richness of skin care and beauty cosmetics. Forchics understands this and always cares about the needs and benefits of customers. This advantage helps the brand to grasp the trend and tastes from which to promote, expand the product distribution system so that more and more people experience quality products. Serum care and beauty brand Forchics Besides the quality of quality, product distribution processes and transportation to consumers, prices are also a direct impact on the purchasing power of customers. The number of consumers is not only minded Product selection of quality products but also desires the price must be suitable. The reason by most women love beauty but not everyone has conditions to own products coming from expensive brands in the market
So forchics will be the ideal choice not only By the quality of "standard" USA, which prices are in accordance with the majority of customers. Serum Care and Beauty Brand Forchicstrong Future, Forchics Expected to further expand the product line to serve many objects Global women, contributing to help sisters become beautiful, more confident in life. Currently, FortChics brand products are distributed via online channel directly in Instagram, Website and Amazon with transport policy Fast goods, international standards.Tham referring to Forchics product lines:

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