Forchics – Us Cosmetics Brand Welcomes Safe Beauty Trends

In the last 3 years, the stylish American girls specially transmitted each other's products named forchics with the merit of American flowers for this brand.0: 00/2: 39 male cosmetic brand forchics from US.Forchics is an enterprise specializing in entering and distributing high-end cosmetic lines in the US. Previously, Mr. Han Yi - the founder of the current brand forchics always cherished plans to build a separate cosmetic brand with a nature, benign and non-irritating sequence of serums and eyes

. for user. In 2018, FORCHICS brand was born. Forchics Eyelash Enhancing Serum's MI Nursing products
The products of FortChics brands are a combination of cosmetics, herbs, pharmaceuticals and medical, with 3 main main serum series Used for care and beauty including Eyelash Enhancing MI Serum, Eyebrow Enhancing and Better Eyebrow Eyebrow Serum Falsies Mascara. These products have brought back a record revenue for a new 3-year-old cosmetic company and return As a familiar field of any American girl. Forchics's product lines are produced by modern processes and technologies. Ingredients in products are extracted from nature as with mission to provide efficient and easy-to-use mi growth and nurturing solutions. Forchics helps honor natural beauty through simple and hygienic care solutions with a reasonable price. Fortchics's products are committed to being made from natural, benign and complete ingredients Full does not irritate users. Natural extracts are found in Forchics products that can be mentioned as Biotin essences: Promoting the development of mi, mi grows fast and thick; Vitamin E: Smooth and healthy shadow shirts; Essential oil Polypeptides: providing mi nutrients, helping MI grows long and healthy, and preventing aging MI, protects MI from the impact of the environment. This is also the cause of the feet of American girls Personality and Trendy Loyalty with this new Cosmetic line.EeBrow Enhancing Serum Forchics - Eyebrow Eyebrow Nursing Effective. Diverse distribution system, flexible and fast sales method helps Forchics access and market coverage Thanks to the step "digital technology" and the continental ship policy through popular social networking platforms, friendly young people today like Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok
"Our mission in Forchics is to provide eyelashes and hair care solutions, easy to use, naturally honoring natural beauty through simple solutions and ensuring hygiene safety. Our first goal is to create the type of serum to help the eyelashes efficiently and the most affordable. Now we are focusing on launching more products and will be available all over the world "- Fortchics brand representative shared. To Forchics to promise to focus on research and play Add more natural beauty cosmetic lines to meet the great quality of sister beauty needs.Tham referring to Forchics products: Anh

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