Ford Bronco 2021 ‘burns Goods’, The Surfing Version Is Twice As Expensive

The scarcity of the supply and heat of the SUV Ford Bronco 2021 in the market has made many customers willing to spend the car to buy a surf, instead of waiting for a new purchase at the agent. , many users have decided to pay more than expected to be able to buy a new Ford Bronco 2021 SUV at the auction floor instead of waiting for a new car at the US car company. , A SUV Ford Bronco First Edition was sold to the highest payer at the auction of Mecum's Dallas Auction took place last weekend. Accordingly, the Bronco special version was closed at $ 126,500 (VND 2.87 billion), twice higher than the listed price of $ 59,305 (1

.34 billion dong). Ford Bronco First Ford Edition auction in this article is a surf with ODO with 185 miles (nearly 300 km), with orange exterior Cyber Orange. The color option is only available on the Base and Big Bend or above, so this unique also contributes to increasing the value of the vehicle
However, the point that the value of Bronco is increasing is the possession and also As a small number of Bronco cars available in the market. After the problem with a dot, Ford decided to replace the hardwood access on all of these faulty cars in August. In the Bronco car buyer encountered excess error when it was a US car company Error handling, customer depositors will have to continue waiting until Ford ensures the output of the new factory can receive goods. Also because the activity Ford temporarily stopped receiving online orders for Bronco samples to avoid multi-order staggering. It is known that Ford Bronco First Edition is a special version with a limit of 7,000 vehicles, vehicles Own more pages upgraded compared to the standard version. Specifically, the car comes with Lux accessories package, bringing leather seats with heating features, state sound systems

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