Ford Develops Personalized Logo Technology Through 3d Projector Images

Ford and Lincoln are studying technology to find a car in Dong casting at night. According to a patent application, the US automaker is considering a three-dimensional image projection for the car . Specifically, the list said "This technology involves systems and three-dimensional photo projecting methods for a car. It was noticed that there must be a three-dimensional image and projection method for a car, which can help car users easily find their cars, especially in clouds, boards Night or other low light conditions. "3D image projection technology on Ford vehicles This system consists of three parts, a car projection device, a water mist device and a controller to make both Works together, depending on the proximity of the key

. Water can be taken from rain, with valve closed when the tank is full or by using the air-conditioned water recovery system. Italy, with both words and drawings, projection equipment can be on the top of the car or in the hood decoration, projection logo in the drawings. The drawings show a sedan, but because Ford currently only sells cars SUV, we can see this appear on Lincoln Navigator, although the car is too big probably won't need it, but Nautilus, Corsair and Aviator can also use the technology This 3D images can also be customized as this device will run at a close distance, like a welcome animation in the new headlights that the automobile manufacturers are about to debut
After arriving at the first stage, a large logo will be shown on the roof of the car. When you get closer, the first person stops and the second person, close to the hood ornament, boot. That reflects the badge, but is smaller and above the hood. There are also ideas to projaculate things on the side of the car, like the lights in puddles but more strangely. Patents even mentioned that the driver can put their own images into the system, although we are not sure if the image is colored or not. Patents also note that different stages can happen in any order or simultaneously and can operate for any type of gasoline, electric or hybrid vehicles. New technologies on the car Steam is being developed every day as well as other patents, this is not a guarantee for a new feature. Manufacturers of patent tools all the time. But it's interesting to think about Tesla with a wiper laser on the windshield or a new Mazda two-door sports car. By Son Pham, 51 minutes ago

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