Ford Ecosport Needs To Overcome The Electrical System Error To Splash And Airbags

On September 23, the Vietnam Register Department broadcast announced the summoning period of THSP / 2021/26 for Ford Ecosport cars to overcome errors related to the electrical system of the table. , Ford Ecosport is currently assembled in the country. According to the information from Ford Vietnam, the control of the control signal power of the Ecosport car in the summons can be rubbed during use, resulting in short circuit And display error warning on the control panel. In a bad case, the passenger air bag can also operate inaccurately, resulting in risk if possible collisions occur. Ecosport vehicles This summon is produced at Ford Factory in Hai Duong, between February 26-2-2020 and 6-11-2020

. Ford Vietnam will summon through the above agent system Nationwide from now until the end of September 20-20,. Cars with errors will be added to the protective layer around the signal wire bundle. The inspection and replacement are completely free, expected to take about 30 minutes per vehicle
With summoning, Ford also recommends that users who meet the phenomenon as mentioned above need to stop safe and secure cars Ly, the nearest authorized service center for support.

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