Ford Everest 2023 Completely Revealed, With Oil Machine V6 3.0l

The new generation of 7-seat SUV series - Ford Everest 2023 was caught when testing in the US. Currently, the vehicle is still in the process of developing, promising to bring many changes in design and equipment. The new Ford Everest 2023 test template has been caught when you've been trialed near the city of Dearborn, Bang Michigan, USA. Although the exterior has been carefully covered to hide the design, however, through the image can see the overall of the new generation Ford Everest unchanged too much compared to the current version. Ford Everest 2023 Completely new ownership of larger sizes, equipped with LED headlights with a crab shape is very similar to the headlights that will be on the Ford Ranger new generation

. When the horizontal view, the window frame is almost the same With the old generation Everest. The size of this SUV template will definitely change, spacious than the men. The most remarkable point in the new generation Ford Everest 2023 SUV model is a more sudden design
After a completely closed test prototype, it will certainly have many major changes. The prototype to run using conventional trays with Goodyear tires, are sure this is not the new generation of Ford Everest 2023 new generation. Ford Everest generation is selling current, the new generation of Ford Everest will share together A platform of chassis, engines and many parts other than "brothers" to sell Ford Ranger 2023 new generation. Includes general use of 4cyl engine voltage oil, and new 3.0L 3.0L engine, combined with a 10-speed automatic transmission. About equipped with comfort and driver support, Ford Everest 2023 New generation The premium version will have a digital driver support clock clock, the entertainment information system supports online updates. Besides the safety "toys" such as speed signage recognition, cruise control using radar, blind spot warning and alert vehicle interruption when reversing ..
Currently, the price of Ford Everest 2023 is unpublished VAF closed the formal launch schedule. In Vietnam, Ford Everest is a seller car in the mid-sized SUV segment in Vietnam market for many years. Ford Everest conquered Vietnamese customers with masculine designs, accompanying people who support driver, safety and outstanding facilities in the segment very soon. In addition, the powerful performance of Everest's dual turbocharger and multi-level gearbox is also worth it to experience. As the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport line, the Ford Everest line is often selected by customers to serve more families is running service like Toyota Fortuner or Isuzu Mu-x.Video: Preview the new generation SUV Ford Everest model.

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