Ford Launched Bronco Riptide For Surfing People

The manufacturer has changed many detailed details, exterior especially the hood to attach the surfboard price. Bronco Riptide is the trial that Ford is made for outdoor sports and picnic activities in the yard Sea like swimming, surfing, camping. This is the 3rd test car that Ford manufactures, last year the company has launched Bronco OG and Bronco Wildland serves rescue, forest fire fighting. The special special highlights in the appearance of Bronco Riptide is four wings The original door has been removed and replaced with a ceiling steel frame door. As a result, the sitting person can enjoy the fresh air fully

. Before the Bronco Riptide has a Jeep Gladiator using a steel pipe frame to make the car a lot of unique cars compared to traditional car doors. The rear hood is also removed. Bronco Riptide uses a 35-inch size terrain tire much larger than the original
The rim is still in size 17 due to the Ford Performance department provided. Not only four cars that the car roof, the rear hood is also removed. Ford equipped with a bracket with a green velocity exterior surfing to "evoke the color of the tropical ocean", Ford took to the message. Many parts on Bronco Riptide 2021 were used as Ford in the form of available accessories Through the genuine dealer network. For example, the hood is made of mesh, the price of Yakima bicycles. The lighting system is enhanced with the Rigid brand's LED strip on the roof of the car, the light cluster increases on the mirror and fog lights Blind at the front bumper made of steel. Overall coastline, the interior is made of good water-resistant materials and especially easily washed when needed. Bronco Riptide is equipped with terrain control system with 7 Driving mode. Phong Phong

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