Ford Recalls More Than 300 Ecosport Cars In Vietnam

Ford Vietnam summoned 315 Ecosport which was produced last year for inspection and installation of additional protective layers of control signal wires of the control signal of the Dap-Lot.00: 00/1: 35 South Regional registration Announcing the summoning program related to the Ford Ecosport model is at risk of error warning and affecting airbags during use. According to the announcement, up to 315 Ecosport cars are summoned this time, They are all produced at Ford Hai Duong factory from February 26, 2020 to January 6, Ecosport summoned in Vietnam.Ford Vietnam recommends the owner to bring the Ecosport cars in Interface affects all agents and authorized service stations of its nationwide to be checked and fixed free of errors within 20/9/2021 to September 20, 2024

. The multiplication causes a specific error due to the vehicle in the interface without checking and installing additional protective layers around the bundle of the signal wire under the dash, which can cause the wire to rub with the rack Install the front of the passenger side. Therefore, this problem can cause damage to the signal wire bundle and lead to cooling after a long period of use. Finally, the vehicle in the interface is likely to appear a system signal connection error With the control panel and affect the operation of passenger airbags
When you have a status as described, customers need to stop safely and call the nearest agent to be supported. For Ecosport cars produced by Ford Motor in other countries imported from Ford Vietnam (including the form of import, diplomatic and personal moves or other companies imported) is not summoned according to this program ./. CTV Hoang Phuc /

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