Ford Vietnam Recalls More Than 300 Ecosport Cars

More than 300 Ford Ecosport produced in 2020 are in the summoning summon to check and fix errors in the control signal wire on the table of ahead. Vietnam implements a summoning program for examination and installation of additional protection of the control signal wires of the control signal, to prevent the occurrence of rubbing due to operation during the long period of use, causing Error warning on Ecosport vehicles. The summoning program has been approved by the Register and begins to perform from September 20. Accordingly, there were 315 Ford Ecosport assembled in Vietnam during the period of February 26 - 6/11 located in this summon. More than 300 Ford Ecosport 2020 is summoned to fix the summoning multipliers due to On the vehicles that are not checked and installed additional protective wrapping around the signal string set

. This can make straws against the front (frame) of the passenger front airbag and can damage the signal wire bundle, leading to a cool touch after a long time of use. Can appear a system signal connection error with a plot panel and also capable of affecting passenger airbags. Prord Vietnam recommends when users encounter the status as described On, need to stop the car and call the nearest agent for support
At the same time, customers also need to quickly bring a car to the Ford Vietnam agent to check and install additional anti-rubbing coatings, to protect the signal wire according to the instructions.

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