Forecast Gold Prices Today 9/7 Increase Or Decrease?

Forecast gold prices today on July 9, 2021 in the domestic market and will the world increase or decrease? The gold price closed yesterday fluctuated from the gold price forecast today 9/7 will increase how to decrease the gold price today forecast the world gold price today 9/7 in the world market, gold price today July 9 on Kitco (at 6:30 in Vietnam) is trading at 1,802.5 - 1,803.0 USD / ounce. August gold futures price decreased slightly by 0.3 USD / ounce, to 1,803

.1 USD / ounce. The world gold price is currently maintaining around 1,800 USD / ounce. Earlier, the global gold market rose due to USD and US bond yields
The latest world gold prices today 9/7/2021 (as of 6:30). Image of European Central Bank (ECB) will announce the results of the 18-month strategic review on Thursday (July 8) to determine the target of inflation. According to the USD exchange rate Vietcombank 23,120 copper), the world gold price is equivalent to 50.58 million dong / tael, lower than 6.99 million dong / tael compared to the domestic gold level. As forecast, the gold price today in the world market will Increases decreases in light amplitude, around 1,800 USD / ounce when investors are waiting for information from ECB. So, gold prices today 9/7/2021 in the world market trading around the level 1,7800 USD / ounce. Domestic gold price quotes today 9/7 domestic gold price often fluctuates according to the world market. Therefore, it is forecast that the gold price today 9/7 in the domestic market will move sideways in the early sessions. Yesterday session 8/7, the domestic gold price was mainly increased in stores, an increase of 50,000 - 110,000 Copper / tael compared to the end of the session on 7 / 7
Detective, the price of SJC gold and the Golden Gold price increased by 100,000 dong / tael in the sale and increased by 50,000 to 100,000 VND / tael in the afternoon. PNJ system, gold price increased by 100,000 dong / tael in order to buy in order but unchanged in the sale. in Bao Tin Minh Chau, 9999 gold price at the end of the session increased by 110,000 dong / tael in both directions to buy and purchase and sold. The gold price end yesterday after this is the gold price list SJC, Doji, PNJ, ... closing the session on July 8, 2021. Gold price 9999, SJC gold price, Doji, PNJ, 24k gold price, 18k, 14k, 10k at the end of the session on 8/7 / 2021 Tam

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