Forest Fire Lasts 2 Weeks In The Us To Form ‘fire Clouds’

Wild forest fire across the western United States and Canada, including a two-week 'monster' fire that lasted two weeks in Oregon, caused a harmful air pollution to New York City on the shore East. Wild fire in the US started early and seriously. Photo Reuters. In 13 western states, more than 80 large forest fires are raging and have burned nearly 526,090 hectares of drought vegetation in recent weeks, this area is larger than the state of Delaware, according to the fire center Country interdisciplinary (NIFC) US hundreds of other fires burned in the West and Central Canada. In particular, only in British Columbia, 86 fires are classified as "loss of control" on July 20 (local time), causing local officials to issue emergency conditions

. From the fires followed by the wind away from thousands of kilometers. People in very far cities can also feel air polluted. In New York City, gray clouds cover the skyline of Manhattan, air quality index (AQI) for granules Smooth reached 170, the level is considered to be harmful even for healthy and 9 times higher than the safety recommendation of the World Health Organization
In Philadelphia, this index reached 172. The city in the Northeast region, including Boston and Hartford of the Connecticut state, with an air pollution index in the unsafe region up to 150. People were It is recommended to wear outdoor masks to limit exposure to dust smoke. The forest fires also cause live risk to lives and properties. Fire named Bootleg has burned down to 157,260 ha, In and around Fremont-Winema National Park area, about 400 km from Portland. On July 20, at least 67 houses were destroyed and 3,400 other houses were listed on the threatened, conventional It is calculated about 2,100 people who are evacuated or ready to run away immediately. Funky dust in the west flying to New York in the East. Photo Reuters. The forest fire in the western United States has marked the beginning of fierce and serious dry season in the same period. This forest fireproke also coincides with a record hot wave, affecting most of North America in recent weeks and causing hundreds of people to kill
Scientists said the frequency and intensity of the day The increasing of forest fires is largely due to prolonged drought and hot sunshine holidays are increasing. These are the "symptoms" of the climate change. Bootleg burners mentioned above that sometimes it has created its own weather - Pyrocumulus clouds (or clouds due to fire) high humidifier It is attracted to the smoke column of the fire from the burnt vegetation and the surrounding air. These clouds can produce thunder and big winds that are likely to cause new fires and spread the tops of forest fires.Duy Tien (according to Reuters)

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