‘forest People’ In Serbia Called For Vaccine Covid-19

Panta Petrovic, who lives in the forest for the past 20 years, has vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccines and called on everyone to do the same thing. Nearly 20 years ago, Panta Petrovic left modern life to live in the mountains Stara Planina of Serbia. During a visit to the town, Mr. Petrovic knew the translation of Covid-19 is raging around the world, AFP reported. When receiving subsidies, Mr

. Petrovic, now in addition to 70 years old, immediately go to Covid vaccination vaccination -19. He did not understand why others were skeptical about vaccines, and urged people to get vaccinated soon. "I want to inject all three doses, including additional doses
I urged people to go vacancies, "Petrovic said. Before going to the forest to live, Mr. Petrovic donated his entire money to his hometown in Pirot town. Specifically, he sponsored money to build 3 small bridges for the community. "Money is cursed and it dams people," he said. Panta Petrovic, who lives in the forest for the past 20 years. Photo: AFP. Công Petrovic currently lives in a cave located on high slopes. He has an old bathtub, some long benches and a pile of dry grass making a bed. He still received support from the government
She was a natural lover, Mr. Petrovic discovered the isolated life brought great freedom. "Here, no one is bothered by me," he said while laughing, revealing his teeth deeply for a long time. Petrovic mainly eats mushrooms and fish from the local creek. He also occasionally walked into town to seek leftovers. He also raised many animals, including goats, chickens and a wild pig.

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