Forever Not Yet Giving Birth, His Wife Was Criticized By Her Husband, So Ever To Get A Red Book ‘and The Anti-screen Screen

The birth of the baby should be considered as a gift that the life is donated, should not put the responsibility too heavy on the shoulders of any ANA.02: 00/3: 17 nam nuam has many people always Taking birth to birth is an obligation associated with his wife. Also, you lack the understanding and sympathy to the enemy. At the same time, they are easy to see that this is the pressure, accumulating every day by countless objective factors such as the urging of their parents. And then when the water drops, a lot of families had to go to the same way, even gave birth to an adultery, having a child outside the area

. With a letter - 27 years old, she was also having this situation. Taking the head of the family in the family, the letter is always proud of his parents and his father and son. However, this young girl is not ready and want to arrange private plans before and then take into account the birth
Until a day, between the letter and her husband had a very large conflict. The wife was criticized by her husband "ever took a red book from the parents" the 25-year-old married letter, at the age of pretty soon with peer friends. Letter from her 5 years old, he was very ripe age to marry, so he married her from the young wife. Married, the letter concentrates for the job because itself is very ambitious, do not want to bring a stubborn, a stack of stacks. Besides, the foundation of the letter family is also very good, creating a basis for her to grow further in his career. "Also because I tried every day to the management position so the work was quite pressure and hard. Time My free for housework, Cham's husband is also enough for every day. I came to 28 years old with children. But but they sell their husband's house to think they are so he thought he was so he thought they did enough to raise his wife. Even a uncle side they even told me to stay at home to childbirth, what her husband was worried about the frequency
roof, stuffy. I went to work, trying to work with him, later also bought a house, creating a premise for children anymore. Song all the things my husband interested in not working hard, but doing a way Come on to get a red book from my parents ... "- The confidences of this attack are stemming from the parents of a very biased letter. His brother married after, but gave birth to a child, gave his parents a house. The letter knows his parents and the red book, he thought when he was born, he could escape the leased and move home. It is selfish thinking, this greedy marriage of the letter becomes reasonable. One day when the letter complained about the job a bit, she was blamed by her husband, thinking that there was no need to give birth, just knew when she had just a new red book about her hand. Also thought of this perspective, but never doubted him so quickly. If now for a selected letter at home, concentrating on a child, it is intended to be considered for a long time. Song Thu is also too reasonable to counter the selfishness, lack of respect of her husband. "I said straight to my husband, the red book of his parents is not. A home is not more expensive than self Weight and young people's age. Even, I also told my parents to pay for money to buy a new house, I still want to wait to see if the daughter can go far in my career. I Such educated in such a family was really, "- Letter. Letters. After the screen, the letter is about 2 days. After that, she brought saved books that claim the insults to end up with her husband. Letter to understand her husband, he only acted out of the outbreak so it was quick to apologize to his wife. Obviously, he needs to understand his wife giving birth that has been calculated first, should not urge and insult the honor of the enemy. Women also remember, don't have a husband's heart or soothingly But you force yourself to do things I'm not ready. Take a deep breath, find out where it is your destination to gradually conquer each happy ladder.N.H

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