Forget The Dried Thing, 38 Years Later Took Out More Expensive Than Gold

A fisherman loves to eat fish bubbles so it has been dried but forgot to go up to 38 years. And this position has made his life a surprise. In 1983, Mr. Lam Duc Hoa, a fisherman in Dong Giang village in Zhejiang province, caught 2 golden fish. Because of the love of dishes from a fish bubble dried, he decided when he went home to try it once

. After the fish surgery, clean the bubbles and soak the salt carefully, Mr. Lam brought them away. But, this time he forgot a fish bubble until 38 years
Until it found it, the number of dried fish bubbles was not broken but on the contrary, they had become dry hard, losing the smell, turning to color Amber gold is very beautiful.2 Pieces of fish bubbles are preserved very intact, there are no signs of mold or weed. Each piece of this fish bubble is about 50 cm long, 15 cm wide and weighs about 500 grams. The Lam has asked his son to take a few photos of fish bubble pieces and post it online. Any doubt, a lot of people racing to call offer to buy the whole number of fish bubbles. Some people also cost up to 500,000 yuan (more than VND 1.7 billion) but Mr. Lam denied the golden species of special rare fish, with a very high economic value in the world market and was wallet "expensive Like gold ". In particular, the golden bubble is often used as only self-consuming in micro-surgery and is very highly valued at the same time, polyglactin 910, polydioxanone and polyglecaprone or various types of origin Naturally like Simple Catgut, Chromit Catgut (from the beef and sheep gut), only self-crimes from the golden bubble does not cause tissue damage and minimize the ability of the patient's patient. This senior only requires special production technology and is usually only used in special surgeries / micro-surgery cases in advanced countries
In addition to medical stitches, this fish bubble is also very Rich in protein, every 500g bubble contains 442g protein, helping people to eat the essential, positive hemorrhagic activity, supplementing the substance for the body weakness, anemia ... Chinese people use fish balloons in some remedies The esoteric, causing its value to lift up a dizzying way. Currently, the price of fresh golden fish bubbles costs 45,000 - 55,000 USD / kg, equivalent to 1-1.25 billion dong / kg depending on the length of the ball.Bong shadow fish dry is a very kind of preparations Many people searched by its nutritional value. Fish bubbles are also called adventure, flowers are white as a circular ball that people often assume that it is a fish intestine that is not edible and discarded. Fish balls contain a lot of high quality proteins, extremely high quality Less calories should be able to eat without fear of gain weight. This department also contains many calcium, collagen, vitamins, minerals ... very good for human health. Each type of dried fish bubble will have different selling prices. You watch the video: Top 10 longest animals of the earth. Source: Yan News. Dung Dung (T.H)

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