Forgive Her Husband But I Have Never Trusted Him

Because I, I forgive my husband to adult but I've never trusted you would change ... 0:00 / 2: 12men the state of my life and her husband, we married for 10 years, yes On the two children, I discovered her adultery, a girl working with him, she was divorced and was alone raising her children. Compared to me, she was younger, beautiful and more stylish

. When she discovered a betrayal husband, I was very sad, suffering, because for 2 years in love with him and 10 years to be his wife, never I think of any other man, even though my daughter is beautiful, when I love you, there are others who love me, they want to marry me as a wife, but I refused to faithful to him, though at the moment That, he has nothing to compare with those men. It's hard to discover her adultery, I am extremely miserable, disappointed, I told you. If he was really emotional to me, we could divorce, I didn't pull and let him choose his life
At that time, I determined to let go, if you really want to end everything. I will raise two children, just need to give me a child, because my economic ability is not enough to raise two children. But her husband did not divorce, he said he came to the other woman While drunk, not owning himself, was his actions, but he himself didn't love, without feeling to that girl. So I don't want to divorce me, I still love me a lot and need this family. I remember all memories we had together, happy moments, only things, the greedy nature of men made him unable to restrain when there was a woman who deliberately approached. Promise, will break up with the other woman and don't drink drunkenness, will not be irresponsible for this marriage and don't hurt me any more. I accept forgiveness for you, for many reasons. In it, there was a reason not enough to be brave to divorce husbands, not enough courage to accept phase blinds, that he was a woman who failed in marriage. And there's a reason, don't want the children to be sad when their parents divorced, then the economic reason for another husband, but I've never trusted his change, trust him really Want to live with me, want to continue this marriage as what you tell me. I am very afraid of feeling everything is only superficial, bad, especially in love, but nothing else

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